Personal Film Favorites: Sudden Impact (
The official trailer for Sudden Impact

Also known as Dirty Harry 4, Sudden Impact was released December 8'th 1983 and blew up in fame due to a single line which spawned a national catchphrase for years to come. Even Burger King advertised with it and President Ronald Reagan even delivered it in a speech. The film went on to gross over $65 million and is considered the most successful Dirty Harry film of the 5.

Let's be honest, this film is no where near as good as it sounds. The previous film (The Enforcer) was a bummer and this film kind of tries to bring back classic Harry from film 1 and 2 instead of being a random action film. This film is weak in plot and suffers from long boring parts between scenes that make it worth while. There is the following and last film of the franchise, "The Dead Pool" but we don't talk about that... ever.

There's nothing much in this film to grab your attention besides a few great scenes and a single line, the rest is chalked up to an early 1980's below average cop film. On the firearm aspect this film showcased the .44 AutoMag which has been out of production since 1982. Used AutoMags will run you between $3,000 - $4,000. However they started remaking them and released this year (2017) at retail price of $3,500.

All in all, the film is barely worth a watch and if wasn't for a few scenes and the famous line this wouldn't be worth a purchase, never mind a viewing. I recommend it for the American history aspect and die hard Clint Eastwood fans but that's about it. If you can stand the almost 2 hour film length with around only 40 minutes of enjoyment, then this film will make your day.

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5
Director: Clint Eastwood
Harry Callahan: Clint Eastwood
Jennifer Spencer: Sondra Locke
Music: Trailer Exclusive