How to smuggle yourself into Shambala
Step 1. Somehow get into Shambala (Boat, Teleportation, Hijacking, etc.)
Step 2. Buy fake ID
Step 3. ....
Step 4. Profit!

Serious note though, it seems like a free demo version will come out in the near future.

  • Keiryu Shambala Black Market only takes US currency. So you are shit out of luck if you are an illegal imigrant from somewhere non-MERICAN. ^_^
  • Rester Any Update when the Black Market will be live? I upgraded to the 3.1 version, and would like to contribute more donations for your work.
    • SimMan Thanks a lot in advance. I really appreciate it. Sadly we have some issues with paypal lately.
  • SimMan Yes when the public release comes, everyone will be able to install the game and open up a new account. However as tourists they can only stay the first two weeks in Shambala and they will need to get this fake ID...