SimGirls 8 Rosebery Opportunity: 1) Karen 2.0 (
I see "Rosebery" as a great place to change the game for the better. I think the first place to start is with Karen:
Day 1: You're spending the day in your Japanese hometown when you find yourself getting zapped by a blue haired time traveler.
Ten days later, she tries to un-zap you; you kidnap her, steal her necklace and lose that to the town bully and his oversized bodyguard. Not sure what to do next, you keep said time traveler in your basement for the next six weeks, except for when you let her out to help out your fledgling modeling business.


What if, on day one, you just picked your own stats? Then on day 10, you encounter a crazy person from the slums, who THINKS she's a time traveler, and after a brief scuffle, leaves behind a necklace. For the next few (six) weeks, she reluctantly shows up to work at the modeling agency, then returns to the slums. You still have to check your basement, though, because Karen has this little habit of raiding your basement of coffee, diamonds, and your collection of artifacts Sana holds so dear, causing you to  work harder and possibly go on more dates. That is, until around Day 51, when you and her get to know each other. Next thing you know, she "appears" in class.

Point is, the more Karen moves away from Karin Aoi, the more plausible her role as a love interest for our hero is. Maybe this is the time to take time travel and felonies out of the story line.

  • Keiryu Wait so i can't keep my human pet in the basement...What's the point in living if i can't do that? q.q
  • SimMan I will absolutely take out time traveling, DNA manipulation and all other over-the-top things. I probably won't even touch SMA as it has been properly introduced in College. I think the mysterious factor in Rosebery will be SimMan's House, Sana and her black magic tricks.
    • kotomifan "But how do you KNOW whether she is a witch?"
      I imagine that a beautiful blonde enchantress can have quite a few tricks up her sleeve. I look forward to her casting her spells on me.
    • Keiryu Sana be a WHITCH!!! Let me just get my torch and burn it all to the ground.

      But pyromanic tendencies aside. It's actually an interessting idea. Though i think by this point i am just gonna file it away as an Alternate universe. Just like with College and College RPG.
  • SimMan When I saw the first paragraph my reaction was simply WTF haha
    • kotomifan Call me old-fashioned, but I just think that flowers and candy is a better way to woo a future soulmate than chains and a diet of canned coffee. I'm a bit of a softie that way.