SimGirls 8 Rosebery Opportunity: 4) Women's Work, or Saving Sana (
In the first few SimGirls, Sana was the nice blond behind the desk in SimMan's shop.  But by version 7.0, she was

a) SimMan's assistant
b) An American student
c) An internet model
d) A waitress
e) Curio collector and mineral saleswoman
f) All of the above.

And now I hear, she's a witch.

Just a thought. Since we are creating an international community, maybe some other SimLadies could help out with some of these tasks. BluBird and/or Wawababi might man the café. Or join Sana in front of the camera. Either way, they could be Primero's classmates, along with Shinichi taking Ryuuji's mantle as the school bully. This moght leave Akagi behind the desk at SimMan's.

  • Keiryu Well to be fair. I always just saw Sana as the perfect bedwarm...I mean Secretary...She just kind of does a little of all. As long as cash is involved.
  • SimMan On another side of the argument, some parts of me do want to try something different this time. I want to make these girls and scenarios realistic like no other game so that people will feel even more attached to them at the end. If I take that route everything will be as real as possible, including the choice of npcs, music, sex scenes and etc.
  • SimMan You're missing massage therapist. I haven't made up my mind. I will probably go for this alternative Universe route and bring all College characters like Hideaki, Blubird, Wawababi, Shinichi to Rosebery, or none of them. It's a temptation for me to make a groupie scene with Blubird, Wawababi, Akira, Sana, Tassy and Korri.
    • Wayne Bring THam All to Bosebarry Would Make for AN Intyersting Challange as you say that thares 2 girl rivels to the Main CArecter so If MOre girls ARe in THe Game You could say It would Make for a GOOd CHallange as to see WHo gets THe MOst girls THe Player Or the RIvels
    • Keiryu I heard my Bluebird of Happiness Mark Two's name. I am all for it. Don't care much about Doucheface 2.0 but i guess it would be a good way to replace Doucheface 1.0 with him.