SimGirls 8 Rosebery Opportunity: 8) The Final Curtain
Furtive screen writing, schmoozing for cast members, and dutiful Saturday rehearsals led to the SimGirls play. But with the new cast of characters coming in, a few questions surface:

1) Do we need a play?
2) Will Tassy, Korri, Amy, Sana, and Karen be the participants?
3) Will the new SG Rosebury characters participate, and if so, will they replace part or all of the current cast?

I recommend that Blubird, Wawababi, and Alexia replace Amy, Sana, and Karen, that Benny and Joey act as crew, and while the theme is still the five girls saving the world as the SimGirls, that their costumes are uniform (or maybe even Army uniforms), and that there is an actual production of the play on the stage. Maybe Ami can help the player write it. 

If the afterparty turns into an orgy, hey, that's showbiz!
  • Wayne Maby Create a Underground Club iE HEntai CLub WItch THe ONly REqierment BEing THe PLayer Must HAve Hentai LEvel of eather 1 or 2 BEfor The PLayer Can JOin THe Hentai CLub
  • CultOfSaekiSoldierSec Yes, keep the play and Tassy as the lead role!
    You could ( I mean pay homage to ;) the plot from the latest vd*tegame B*tsy (as it seems to be a knockoff of simgirls anyway), maybe have the main character write/produce the play, to keep things fresh ;) and have him let Tassy decide on the level of exhibitionism appropriate for the live performance. Her decision, of course, would vary based upon the player's henti level: under 100= nothing; 100-150=topless; 150-180=full nudity and 180-200=...well that's entirely up to you! ;)
  • SimMan Yes I will definitely bring in Blubird Wawabai and Alexia. Since we are losing some fantasy story elements in Rosebery, I will expand on the activity clubs in the school. So far we have swim club with LeRoy as the President, drama club (WawaBabi), gymnastics club (Korri), photography club (Blubird), cheerleaders club (Tassy), and basketball club (Alexia). Any suggestion?
    • kotomifan Maybe cooking club or book club with Ami.

      Any other new characters could have tie-ins as well. Benny could have a band (not called the Jets). Joey could run an explorers club, in case the player needs some help finding or questing for objects.