Day 3 at Rosebery - The Sweet Science
Class is a blur, while you contemplate the image of Tassy in the shower. It's tough not to, as she is in your sightline to the front of the class. And when you glance away, you find yourself longing for Korri, her graceful moves still fresh in your mind.

It's about then that you notice the person at the front has blue hair.

She introduces herself as Karen. She's presenting on her physical fitness club, but she finishes by pledging to be a personal trainer to anyone willing to come down to her gym, and pay her fee. You begin to think that it would be a good idea to go.

But as you reach the front entrance of the gym, you realize the man behind the desk was the man who decked you. As you contemplate your next move, a woman approaches you.

She introduces herself as Sana, and talks you into going to the bar next door. As you sit down, she tells you that the man who hit you was paid to, and that he bears no ill will against you. You remark on how well she knows human nature; she replies that it's her job to. She makes money as a rental girlfriend, and she has to play different types of ladies depending on the client's demands. When you explain that you are falling for two different girls, she makes her offer. For a small price, she will help you with your social skills. You could apply her lessons to either girl, or both.

You ask if her fee includes anything else. She shakes her head.

"There used to be a red-haired girl in this very bar that would do that. For $20, $30, even $100, she would go back to the men's room with whomever. The bartender said she quit last week - she paid her way through business school. Or all those men did. Talk about using your moneymaker." 

She quickly scans the bar. When she thinks nobody is looking her way, she pulls the front of her top down, giving you a glimpse of her all-American tits.

"In this town, everything is negotiable."

You think about how much money is left in your wallet. Sana's right here, but the gym is next door. And you've got homework to do. Which of life's lessons will you learn today?
  • Keiryu I like the nudge at our favorite bathroom worker. Probably one of the few things that would seem off if we ended up just removing her completly. Somehow i want to see more of her. Maybe go with the bussiness idea and add her as a assitant to the model agency. Just a thought however.
  • SimMan Do you think I should turn her into a hostess instead?
    • kotomifan I'm not sure. If it was totally up to me, I would have had Akage do the social training, with Sana's witchy woman act being a cover for her rock selling, and Wawababi, as this Paris Hilton type, being the chief rival in the modeling biz.
      But for right now, you have all these different tasks coming from Sana, plus waitress and massage therapist. You could save time by having her start out as the waitress at the pub, then have her quit that job for the cosplay cafe later in the game. You wouldnt need to re tal gf/ hostess/ good time girl aspect.