Day 4 at Rosebery - Cover Girls
You soon realize that everything you want to do costs money. And while your parents were wonderful people, they did not leave you any money that wasn't already earmarked for food, tuition and the mortgage, not to mention the cost of the guardian. You resolve to find a way to fill your wallet. But first, school.

Class concludes with a presentation by Bel. She's cute, but a photography club seems a bit quaint in this day and age. Her attempt to kindle interest by bundling it in with a school paper idea falls flat. But when she mentioned that she's interned for fashion photographers, the hands go up. Soon all the pretty girls' dream of a fashion career is just as close as the school darkroom.

You begin to wonder about fashion photography. Can the money from fashion photography be as easy as Bel swears it is?  Maybe it's worth finding out. And perhaps Bel might pose for you? You consider that, until you feel a mysterious phantom pain in your chest, as if a blade suddenly parted your ribs. It passes just as quickly. You go back to thoughts of Tassy and Korri, and wonder if they would ever consider modeling. 

But you have plans for the evening. Sana's breasts are still on your mind as you make your way towards an out of the way house at the end of town. She greets you at the door in a full length robe, with a hood that covers her hair and just about covers her eyes.

She motions you to a table and lays four books in front of you, each marked with a playing card suit. After telling you that she is a magic practitioner, she tells you to open one of the books. You try all of them, but are only able to open the one with the club on it.

She hands you the book, and tells you that it will be your guide. You can open it whenever you wish, but if you pay her to open it, your social skills will increase. You ask her about the other books. She says that you have to earn the right to open them, by doing tasks and bringing her back the results. She will tell you that the spade will unlock your mind, that the diamond will unlock your physical fitness, and that the heart will unlock your passion.
  • Keiryu Awww. That's so sweet of you. And accurate only i can f**k with my bluebirdy. Both physically and mentaly. Mostly mentaly however...It's more fun I am already pissed enough about the idea of losing my dear Lilith to Bloody King...
  • SimMan I am still wondering what that chest ripping pain is all about.