Days 1-3 at Rosebery: Getting the party started
I've thrown some ideas up and gotten some feedback. Tell me what you think, and I'll post multiple days instead of rehashing single day ideas:

Day 1:

Same as before: You wake in your own bed. This is your first day of school since the accident, and an unfamiliar voice tells you to go to school. Amy helps you find class after you see Tassy, and you have your first encounter with LeRoy. Korri presents, and later has lunch with you. You find yourself defenseless against LeRoy's thugs, and vow revenge. But in a tender moment, you realize you might be falling for both Tassy and Korri.

Day 2:

Same as before: Meet Beni and Jo. You seethe as LeRoy and Alexia introduce the basketball club. But fate shines on you as you walk Tassy home and glimpse her in the shower.

Day 3:

Class is a blur, while you contemplate the image of Tassy in the shower. It's tough not to, as she is in your sightline to the front of the class. And when you glance away, you find yourself longing for Korri, her graceful moves still fresh in your mind.

It's about then that you notice the person at the front has blue hair.

She introduces herself as Karen. She's presenting on her physical fitness club, but she finishes by pledging to be a personal trainer to anyone willing to come down to her gym, and pay her fee. 

Class ends, and the school is called into a presentation at the new theatre. Wawababi stands on the stage and tells those present that the theatre will be used for a new play based on the story of Nobunaga. It will also be the showcase for the My Morning Star competition. Those who wish to try out can send in tapes or come to the theatre on Day 10. Those who want to intern on the production staff are to report to the office building following the presentation.

But as you reach the front entrance of the office building, a
limousine pulls up next to you. You hear the motor of a window rolling down and see a strawberry haired woman in sunglasses. She waves a champagne glass at you."

It's Wawababi. She talks you as she drives you around town. Her astrologer told her that she was supposed to find somebody to help, and since you didn't look homeless or criminal, but you're a social nobody, you'll do.

You enter a cosplay cafe with her. When you tell her you wanted to be in the production, she makes her offer. You can go to the production office, every day, and intern for no money. You'll learn the business, and your social skills will rise. Or, as long as you buy the drinks (pay $100), she will help you with your social skills. You could apply her lessons to either girl, or both.She says the first rule is to never drink alone. Always come in a group. Bring friends, or hire friends if you need them.

You ask if her fee includes anything else. She shakes her head.

"There used to be a red-haired girl in this bar I know that would do that. For $20, $30, even $100, she would go back to the men's room with whomever. The bartender said she quit last week - she paid her way through business school. Or all those men did. Talk about using your moneymaker." 

She gets up. "My limo is always parked outside Daddy's office. You want to work, work. You want to party, then party!"

When she leaves, the waitress hands you the bill.
"So, you're paying?"
"I'm Sana. If you ever want to make some serious money, come by this address tomorrow."
  • SimMan I may let Wawababi teach social and communication skills in her Drama club. Karen teaches Fitness @ gym, Amy teaches Intelligence @ library so may as well fit social skills in the campus.