Days 29-99 at Rosebery: The Wawababi-Sana Connection
One of the many things that set SimGirls apart from its source material was Sana, the erstwhile pawnbroker in the TP dress. Over the course of the series, she's gone from a cipher behind a desk to a full-on participant.

At one point I was concerned she had too much to do.

She's currently portrayed an American living in Japan, taking any job currently available to her to make money however she can. Waitress. Rock salesman. Assistant. Tarot Reader. Good Time Girl.


Wawababi has money. She arrives on Rosebury's doorstep ready to buy the place out, viewing Japan as a J-Pop Disneyland, where her daddy buys the head-of-the-line pass. She takes command of the stage her Daddy bought for her; she wants to win the My Morning Star contest by redesigning it on her strengths - beauty and boxing.

And after a chance encounter with Sana, she wants to bankroll Sana's foray into modeling for her own selfish reasons, one of which is to make her new rival, Tassy, fail. She also takes Primero under her wing for the same reason: to make him so popular neither Tassy nor Korri can touch him. The theatre becomes a training ground in the school of popularity, where all press is good press, and the only sin is being last week's news.

And hey, if she gets naked to accomplish her goals, so much the better, right?
  • SimMan Assistant, Tarot Reader, Black stones collector and Witch are all-in-one job. I think this is going to be the backdrop for Rosebery.
    • kotomifan Exactly. And with the captured Karin and time travel stories out of the way, it's time to figure out what trouble the ladies can get our hero in.