Playmaker III: Fogging the Mirrors
Tian has the kitchen already buzzing with smells of garlic and onion hitting us as we enter. We do the quick intros, then Alexia flies by me after I tell her where the shower is.Shortly after she closes the door and I hear the water turn on, I hear my name called."Do you have an extra towel? I left mine at the gym."

Without thinking, I grabbed one from the closet. I paused when I got to the bathroom door.If there was just the two of us here, I would read her request as a hint to join her. I'd pull back the shower curtain. She would turn to me, and as I would look over that gorgeous body of hers. I'd get naked, she'd lower her gaze towards me, and she'd see how happy I was to see her.I would get far more than a glimpse of those "tig ol' biddies", as my hands, lips and even my tongue might explore those great Russian peaks. And after I did some mountain climbing, it would be time to explore the valley. Maybe even both caves.
I guess I took too long, because Tian pulled the towel from my hand and walked right in. Suddenly, I was worried. Tian is a lesbian, and she has a naked girl in there. Would she jump in the shower with Alexia, and get to play in all those peaks and valleys, while me and my Coq au Vin was sitting in the kitchen, waiting for them to finish giving each other a tongue bath?
She came back out."Come back to the kitchen, Leroy."
I turned to head back with her.
"So, um..."
Tian smiled. "Just so you know, Leroy.  A lesbian likes ladies, just not all of them. That one's too much of a fitness buff for me. She must have sweated her whole booty off playing ball. Now set the table."

As I grabbed the plates, I told her about Alexia's basketball skills.I saw her smile."What?"She had a laugh in her voice."I'm trying to imagine that girl in her basketball uniform. How she goes up and down the court and not have her gals get in the way is beyond me. I'm sure you don't mind, though."

Not a bit. Not at all.