Playmaker VII: Peacock Blocker (
LeRoy, LeRoy, LeRoy.

I shook my head. I know when my ego gets the better of me, and I should have seen this one coming.
Yeah, I got to see Tassy's pretty titties. And I can only imagine what the rest of the package is like. But in the meantime, it sounded like Alexia was going through the lesbian Kama Sutra on Miss Kudo. She was winning, and getting the best tail over 19 the school had to offer in the process.

But to even get that far, I have to wear what looks like a peacock on my head. That better be one tasty peach I'm doing all this work for.

I let my imagination run scenarios of Tassy losing those blue panties in front of me. Would it be on the roof? In the locker room? The theatre? Maybe the pool? My thoughts ran wild as I made my way down the deserted street. I probably should have paid more attention.

The officer's car lights look different in Japan, but his intentions weren't. Of all the words he screamed at me, the only one that came close to making sense was "Yakuza". I could only hope that Japanese policemen were less liely to shoot first and ask questions later.
He didn't see a large figure approach from behind. This guy was easily the biggest man I've seen in Japan, and that includes the sumo wrestlers Tian took me to see at Budokan.
The cop went from angry to worried. Soon after, he left.

The large man extended his hand.
"You must be LeRoy."
"I...I am. And you are?"
"Takeo. Owner/ proprietor of the Bloody King Security Service. And a very well paid employee of your cousin's boss."
:But how did you know..."
"These streets may be quiet, my friend, but they're online. Once I saw trouble, I hightailed it over here. Trust me, the police would rather arrest real criminals than people that dress like them."
"So, I'm being watched?"
"Most everyone is these days. But I'll make it easy on you. Here's my number. Text me if you actually need me, and when I get here, just tell me who to punch."

I woke up the next morning in a start. Dreams of Tassy pulling me into the gym, the showers, classrooms, the library, even the principal's office, filled my night. Each scenario was the same: a kiss, a step away, her undressing her school shirt and tie, tossing the clothes in my waiting hands, and her shaking her hips as her skirt and panties came off all at once.
Reluctantly, I put the wig on, and looked at myself in the mirror.
This had better work.

Tassy and I shared the first class. I ran up to see her, dressed in my, um, DJ-wear. I totally didn't see the kid that was talking to Amy. All I know is he stood between me and Tassy as the bell rang, and he wouldn't get out of the way.

Over his shoulder, I heard Tassy call out, "Now, I'll have to save you a seat, LeRoy!"
So much for getting some before school started. New kid, you are dead meat!
  • SimMan Not a fair game. The old Master spent, even on a record breaking run, at least two weeks to get there. Can't be too easy for LeRoy. Alexia is melting cheese with a flamethrower.
    • kotomifan "Melting cheese with a flamethrower." Gotta remember that.

      Of course, "new kid" in this story is the star of the show himself, and this would be Day 1. So take it from here, SimBoss!