Rosebery: What if the "Player" wasn't Primero?
I've been following Red Haired Devil's graphic conversation with SimMan and it dawned on me. While the default name of the character was Primero in SimGirls, I rarely chose it, because I wanted to picture myself in that story.
And when I got to play as a female character in Lovemore, it would have been impractical to go back to being a man for my character to participate in Lovemore II. And it sounds like RHD wants to be in the story as RHD, and not necessarily Primero.
FInally, there is Sao. The wingman of wingmen.

So here's the pitch:
You set up player as male or female. First day, you and Primero show up,  in a cold hard government office. An official looking vaguely Akira-ish explains you were both survivors of a horrible accident. You are informed that an unnamed benefactor has donated the money for a full scholarship for the two of you to attend Rosebery Prep to finish your education.
You go through all the iterations of dating, fighting, and Superball playing with Tassy and Korri, and along the way, you build up their stats, and Primero's too, much the way you built up Sao's in Lovemore. Your "team" of people you can build up can expand to Alexia, Blu, Sana, and even Kingslie.
There can even be a Primero vs. Player fight near the end, either as part of the story, or as a real, come to blows, fight over Korri.
At the end, Primero goes to college. And you might, too, if your stats are high enough. Say hi to Dan the Man for me, when you see him.

  • Red Haired Devil How did I miss this. Well for the most Part I very much like the way SimMan is himself in all his work I was just thinking it be neat to be part of your own story like that, so I just went and made myself part of the story. Honestly Rosebery just gave me the Idea of a potential extra character being added, like an extra teacher for gaining more specific knowledge like Akira For literature ups stats in intelligence and charm and another like engineering or mechanics teacher for upping stats in intelligence and Strength. An addition like that could also open a possibility for that character to resurface in the events after Lovemore I never minded the Idea of playing the story out as Primero, but I can see the appeal to living as as him, and as some one who is alongside him, it gives you the chance to play a part in his story without necessarily interrupting it's flow as it unfolds in accordance to the events that kick off college. honestly if that were how it was, both ways would work just. fine finishing Rosebery as Primero would just lead straight into his adventures in College, and if you were to finish it as a friend of his, you would have had the opportunity to have played a role in his legacy, and enjoyed it for what it was and go on with your life in a separate direction.In this way you can live out the story , as well as be a part of it without disrupting the flow of it's plot.
  • SimMan

    Under the current plan, Primero will be the default option but I will allow players to make a new character to replace him completely. Anyway please if you have any new idea or new character I would need a lot of them.
    • kotomifan I was just thinking that if you played as someone other than Primero, that Primero, lime Sao in Lovemore, would be a "teammate" with buildable stats.
      And yes, I'll keep the ideas coming.