Kajuaru "Rakki" Ito, Biker Gang Member
(Gang Candidate: Rakki Ito)
Nothing is safe around Rakki. If he walks by you, check your wrist for your watch. Check your pocket for your wallet. Make sure your girl is still by your side, and that your car is still where you left it.He's that good. And that bad.
Ladies, look out. He knows just what to say, when it's closing time. He'll ride you seven days to Sunday. But when you wake up in the morning walking funny, you might want to check your silver drawer.But look at those eyes.
He didn't mean it.
It won't happen again.
And while he's got your panties down to your ankles, and you hear yourself screaming his name into his back seat as he brings you to a frenzy, you promise to not let this happen again.Beginning tomorrow.