In the Pink Finale III: Coming and Going
Rufus carried Korri into the room. The rich people scattered to make room.

"What happened?" Mr. Wolfchild asked.

Greenie waved his hand.
"Nothing, Pop-pop. Our friend just needs a little help."
"She's bleeding, son. Where's the doctor?"
A very pleased female voice came from another part of the room.
"Dr. Keir was just here."
Wolfchild turned to those present.
"Then find him!"

Korri felt the pain from the wound begin to work its way through her torso. Rufus was holding a shirt onto the wound. It was low enough on her ribcage that her breasts weren't exposed, but he had to keep looking at her to check on her.
Was he staring at her breasts, she thought.
What if he just rolled up my uniform? Slip my sports bra up. He wants to see them. I know he does.
She gasped.
He repositioned his hand.
"Are you all right?"
He was staring down at her. There was no doubt in his mind that he was staring down her uniform at her breasts. She wondered if she could move, subtle but with purpose, so he could see move.
She tried, but a twinge of pain happened at just the wrong time.
Pleasure. Pain. Her nerves were working overtime. She could feel her body temperature rise as her body tied to heal the wound. She wanted the big rough hand that held a rag to her base skin to move his hand and explore her still untouched body. Give then air, she told herself, and the sweat forming on her boobs could dry.
But that wasn't the only place she was wet. It has not been long since both her pussy and her ass had hosted Cesar's cock. Her cleft was still moist from his efforts; her ass crack still soft from the lube he had applied. Where was he? Could he come to this place, remove her shorts, and pleasure her again?
She turned her body slightly toward Rufus, as she imagined Cesar slipping her shorts down. First past her knees, then past her ankles. She would be naked from her neck down, save her shoes, as two gargantuan man brought her to new heights.
The pain shot up again. She could feel the drops of sweat form on her brow. Rufus's hand had grazed her breast as she shifted, and she reveled in his touch. She wondered if anyone would notice if she reached out and freed his member from his pants. She could thank him for his service by servicing him, just as the bold Italian was entering her from behind. The three would writhe together, as a single erotic machine, both of the gentlemen's penises slamming into her body with a odd precision.

Rufus quickly put his hand to the wound.
"My goddess!" he bellowed. "Where is that doctor?"
"Right here, red."
That voice!
Korri shook. Why did the doctor sound like the ruffian that had just stabbed her? He was dressed as before, in his rich man's casual clothes. But the voice!
She tried to imagine the figure in front of him in all black. A large knife in his hand.
She rolled on her back.
She Imagined the doctor turning into this horrid figure, the knife gleaming.  She would drop Rufus's member as he positioned himself behind her. Cesar and her would grind harder and harder until they cried out for the gods to hear. Then, as Cesar and she would end their passion with a guttural cry and a release, he would kiss her again.
He would depart, as the beast would position himself at the end of her naked body. He made no sign of undressing, however. Instead, he wrapped his free hand around the blade, and started to plunge the knife toward her body.
  • Keiryu Oh my. That ending. Talk about the fu**ing of a life time. This Kotomi is bonkers as hell and I love it.

    Basically Kotomi's imagination wants to f**k everything even if it tried to murder her. I am guessing there is still some specific reason for her uncontrolled libido. Not that I want it fixed. I like crazy Kotomi.
    • kotomifan There is some messy "logic" to it. I think of it as a companion piece to SimMan's intro to Gang Island, and I don't think either story has come to the end yet.