Every Rosebery has its Thorn

  • In the Pink Finale III: Coming and Going
    Rufus carried Korri into the room. The rich people scattered to make room.

    "What happened?" Mr. Wolfchild asked.

    Greenie waved his hand.
    "Nothing, Pop-pop. Our friend just needs a little help."
    "She's bleeding, son. Where's the doctor?"
    A very pleased female voice came from another part of the room.
    "Dr. Keir was just here."
    Wolfchild turned to those present.
    "Then find him!"

    Korri felt the pain from the wound begin to work its way through her torso. Rufus was holding a shirt onto the wound. It was low enough on her ribcage that her breasts weren't exposed, but he had to keep looking at her to check on her.
    Was he staring at her breasts, she thought.
    What if he just rolled up my uniform? Slip my sports bra up. He wants to see them. I know he does.
    She gasped.
    He repositioned his hand.
    "Are you all right?"
    He was staring down at her. There was no doubt in his mind that he was staring down her uniform at her breasts. She wondered if she could move, subtle but with purpose, so he could see move.
    She tried, but a twinge of pain happened at just the wrong time.
    Pleasure. Pain. Her nerves were working overtime. She could feel her body temperature rise as her body tied to heal the wound. She wanted the big rough hand that held a rag to her base skin to move his hand and explore her still untouched body. Give then air, she told herself, and the sweat forming on her boobs could dry.
    But that wasn't the only place she was wet. It has not been long since both her pussy and her ass had hosted Cesar's cock. Her cleft was still moist from his efforts; her ass crack still soft from the lube he had applied. Where was he? Could he come to this place, remove her shorts, and pleasure her again?
    She turned her body slightly toward Rufus, as she imagined Cesar slipping her shorts down. First past her knees, then past her ankles. She would be naked from her neck down, save her shoes, as two gargantuan man brought her to new heights.
    The pain shot up again. She could feel the drops of sweat form on her brow. Rufus's hand had grazed her breast as she shifted, and she reveled in his touch. She wondered if anyone would notice if she reached out and freed his member from his pants. She could thank him for his service by servicing him, just as the bold Italian was entering her from behind. The three would writhe together, as a single erotic machine, both of the gentlemen's penises slamming into her body with a odd precision.

    Rufus quickly put his hand to the wound.
    "My goddess!" he bellowed. "Where is that doctor?"
    "Right here, red."
    That voice!
    Korri shook. Why did the doctor sound like the ruffian that had just stabbed her? He was dressed as before, in his rich man's casual clothes. But the voice!
    She tried to imagine the figure in front of him in all black. A large knife in his hand.
    She rolled on her back.
    She Imagined the doctor turning into this horrid figure, the knife gleaming.  She would drop Rufus's member as he positioned himself behind her. Cesar and her would grind harder and harder until they cried out for the gods to hear. Then, as Cesar and she would end their passion with a guttural cry and a release, he would kiss her again.
    He would depart, as the beast would position himself at the end of her naked body. He made no sign of undressing, however. Instead, he wrapped his free hand around the blade, and started to plunge the knife toward her body.
    • Keiryu Oh my. That ending. Talk about the fu**ing of a life time. This Kotomi is bonkers as hell and I love it.

      Basically Kotomi's imagination wants to f**k everything even if it tried to murder her. I am guessing there is still some specific reason for her uncontrolled libido. Not that I want it fixed. I like crazy Kotomi.
  • In the Pink Finale Part II: The Love You Take
    Keir had quickly grown weary of the jetset, congratulating themselves on their wealth. His bloodlust was beginning to surface again, and he needed somewhere to sate it.
    He changed into his favorite garb of black on black, and emerged in the deepest recesses of the auditorium, back where the electrical equipment shared space with the staff locker rooms.
    His initial thought was to slip outside, find the dankest hole in this tony yet crumbling Italian city, and commit a few victimless crimes. That is, crimes where the victim was better off dead.
    As luck would have it, he didn't have to leave.

    One of the rich boys he had seen upstairs stood facing one of the yellow jacketed security guards. Only the guard was himself restrained by a red haired gent of formidable size. He quickly counted two other males, and curiously, a female, amongst the bystanders.

    Ah, a chance to do another good deed.

    He approached the small crowd.

    "Lady, gentlemen. I assume you have good reason to be committing a felony today."
    He could see the rest of the crowd gasp, except for the short rich one. Not surprised there."
    The kid looked at Keir through his spectacles.
    "This is not your fight, freak."
    "You know," Keir replied. "I have always enjoyed a good street fight. Preferably amongst total strangers. I'm guessing you did not know this man before today?"
    Greenie shrugged. "What of it?"
    "And yet you felt it necessary to cause him pain, possibly fatally."
    "Nothing will come of this. WE have lawyers."
    "Of course you do. And lawyers would at least want to know why you attacked an authority figure, in the process of doing his job. Did you argue? Quarrel? Did you rob him?"
    Keir laughed to himself as he looked at Korri.
    "Not likely, I suppose. But, I'm guessing you had a reason."
    He came over behind Korri.
    "Ah, punani. The world's oldest reason to kill a man."
    He looked her up and down, and made an inhaling noise, like he was sniffing her.
    "Not a bad lass to fight over."
    He ran his fingers down her cheek.
    "Pretty face."
    The hand ran down her breast. He could feel Korri shiver.
    "Good rack, too."
    He ran his long fingers along her shoulders.
    "Now surgeons, when they look to cure a disease, they remove the cause. The better the surgeon, the shorter the operation. The greater, the fee."
    On "fee", Keir produced a knife. With his free left hand, he grasped Korri. Then with his knife, he plunged his knife into her torso.
    Korri gasped, but made no sound as she collapsed.
    Rufus dropped Cesar and reached for Korri.
    Keir drew a large blade.
    "In the opposite direction, upstairs, is a surgeon. You have five minutes to save her life, else she bleeds to death."
    He waved his blade at the others.
    "Go with him now, or the big red doofus will have more to carry."
    The rest of Karsten's companions followed suit.
    "You won't get away with this," Karsten warned.
    Keir grinned.
    "Neither will you."

    • Keiryu F**K YEAH!!! That's a good Mini-me.

      To bad for Kotomi thought. All she wanted to do was bang...Oh well my mini-me is a busy man. He has places to stab and people to stab even harder. Can't be worried about silly things like who? Or why?

      Surprisingly enough. Caesar has been kinda silent throughout this whole thing.
  • In the Pink Finale: And in the End...
    Korri tried not to roll her eyes as "Greenie" fawned all over her in front of his family. She saw their elegant clothes, and tried to comfort herself with the idea of living among them, spending their money, and trying to find true passion any place she could.
    She tried to imagine what their secret fantasy was. What did Wawababi do, when the lights were off? Was there a limo driver, a gardener, a stableboy? Maybe all at once?She remembered what her secret ritual was. She saw a feather, standing erect in the middle of some gaudy display. She had one at home, just like it. It was one that she would run over her pussy and asshole, just to feel the down tickle her nerves. Sometimes, it would make her come right away. Other times, she might just fart. But nobody taught her to do that.I have to escape. Where's the way out?There were only two people in that hall, so Cesar knew that the look she gave him could only be for him. She was not a child- she looked thin, but not fragile. Two strong legs, converging on the maxima of gluteus maximuses.
    The woman was startled. She looked Japanese- he wondered if she knew Italian. He tried English.
    "I am Cesar."
    "I'm, um, Korri."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Here I'm Korri. Back home, my name is Kotomi."
    "Kotomi it is. You came a long way."
    "I'm living in Germany now. I came here for the exhibition."
    "Me too."
    "So you're a gymnastics fan."
    Cesar shrugged. "I work here. But aren't you away from the staging area?"
    "No, I just needed to do something...private."
    She looked at him. Driver. Gardener. Stableboy. Security Guard? Why not?
    She smiled. "Want to help?"
    She opened the door. Inside was a small training table and some sinks. She looked at Cesar.
    "Guard this door with your life," she commanded. "And I will give you a reward."
    Cesar saw her eyes sparkle. He could only imagine what that reward would be.
    "I swear."The door had no latch, and he could easily push it inwards, ever so slightly. He leaded in and cocked his head. His first attempt, he saw nothing. The second, he was able to make out the sink.
    His third attempt was a sight to behold. Korri knelt, naked, on the floor. Her legs were gathered below her, flexing her quads. She raised her beautiful behind, but as he tried to see more, she covered it with her hand. And a feather.

    He barged in.
    "A waste of a feather, Signorina." Cesar whispered in her ear.He gently touched her shoulders with his fingertips. He felt her shiver.
    "Let me give you something better."
    His right hand reached around front. His pointer finger followed her lady nest down until it discover her clit. His other hand pressed gently against her thigh gap. From his vantage point, he could see her reaction in the mirror. Her eyes were closing; her lips were parted. The shivering was still there, but joined with a shallow breathing sound that Cesar had only heard during a woman's passion.
    "If I had you, I would make love to all of you. Your lips, your breasts, your sex, and even your ass."He kissed her tailbone. The bend in her knees opened her to his fingers; he felt her warmth.
    He lowered his jeans. He removed his hand from between her thighs and guided himself in. She was warm to the touch and moved in concert with him. It was so easy. It was like they had done this a thousand times. In out. In out. The best feeling in the world, but somehow, not enough. Almost immediately, he wanted more. He reached over to the training table for some cream.
    "Let's see what else you got."
    He popped the cap on the tube. He allowed himself a few more thrusts in that lovely nest of hers. Then he slid out slowly and lubricated himself. He added some more to his fingers and gently played a dollop on her asscrack.
    He closed his eyes and empowered the breeze to start again. She was no longer shuddering anymore, even as he placed himself at her rear entry.
    He added a bit more cream to the hand that had not serviced her ass. He rubbed her shoulders, her spine, the small of her back. When she responded by rubbing her butt against him, he knew she was ready.
    He reached forward and grasped her shoulder. At the same time, he slipped boldly into her behind. Her athletic thighs gave way just enough, as they both gasped their pleasure. The circulating breeze cooled the sweat that seemed to come from every pore. They responded to a rhythm that was both familiar and yet foreign. They were a well oiled machine; heat, cold, energy, passion. The reluctant lass of mere minutes ago was a tiger to be tamed, a bronco, a bird in flight.

    He pushed her away so he could come on her front. She fell to her knees in front of him and took him in both her hands. As she moved her hands over his staff, he felt himself pushed to the limit. She smiled and let his warmth splash on her breasts.
    She looked down for a moment, clad only in his spunk. He reached over and grabbed his phone. A couple of clicks, and she was now part of his phone's memory.
    She turned to wash herself as he retrieved her uniform. "After my last event, the ribbon, come get me."
    "Sure, whatever."
    It was then he knew it was for the last time.
    • Keiryu Wait. What happened to my mini-me and granpa greenie? Did I murder him and if so. How did greenie Doucheface make it to where Kotomi is?

      Kinda lost me there buddy.
  • In the Pink V: Jet Set
    Karsten looked out the window with increased concern. He was beginning to realize that he was recognizing the terrain below. And it looked a lot more like Florence than Turin.

    "Grandfather," he asked nervously. "Has the pilot made a mistake?"
    "Nonsense, Greenie." The old man had named Karsten that, after an unfortunate salad dressing accident the young Karsten had suffered when he was younger. He had also named a granddaughter "Wawababi" after she cried when a favorite doll had been taken from her. 
    He drew one last sip, and motioned to the flight attendant for a refill.
    "We have a guest arriving."
    He motioned to the flight attendant. "Lassie, he'll sit with me, and will want the same scotch as me. But do me now."
    The lass was Korean. Her uniform was complimentary to her busty figure, yet tight enough that bullets might not penetrate it.
    "Here, you are, kind sir."
    Kim lingered enough to let the old man get a good eyeful of cleavage. She knew there was a big tip later for such actions. As was her little wiggle as she walked away.
    The old man sighed as the flight attendant sashayed away. It made him remember the other Asian girl he'd seen today, the one who had dropped her top in front of him. Must be his lucky day.

    Nobody got out in Florence. A dark figure boarded the plane, seemingly filling up the empty space as he entered.
    "Good of you to make it, Doctor Keir."
    "Kind of you to offer a lift," came the guttural reply.
    "Dr. Keir, this is my grandson, Greenie."
    The figure nodded.
    Karsten did not look amused.
    "It's Karsten, now, Grandfather. After all, I am a man now."
    The statement seemed to amuse the heretofore morose figure.
    "There are only two reasons one your age claims to be a man, Homenzinho. Either you took a blade in your hand, and killed a man. Or you got laid."
    He took a serious look, through the lenses of Karsten, seeming to look deep in his soul.
    "Did a man die by your hand?"
    "Um, no..."
    A smile cracked the serious man's face. "Then, congratulations are in order."
    "Shall we toast him then?"
    "Any good excuse to drink good scotch."
    But even as he christened his gullet with the "good scotch", Keir eyed Karsten. Guess it would look bad to stab him here.

    Wawababi's mostly one-way conversation continued.
    "And if you and Greenie are still an item come Christmas, you can join us. We were going to do Gstaad, but Grandfather wanted to be near his new fracking stations. So it's Vail, probably. Again. Hope that will do!"
    Korri tried to imagine herself dressed up in designer clothes, spending Christmas in a lace like that. To her surprise, it sounded appealing.
    "You'll love Grandfather, though - he dresses up as Santa every year. Longest on his lap gets the biggest prize!"
    Korri was going to reply, but then a man entered the bus.
    "Cioa, Bella! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Torino. I am Ernesto. Please make yourself comfortable in our city. Everyone, grab your items and assemble outside. Except,..."
    He looked at a piece of paper.
    "Korri and, um, Wa-wa-baby? Come with me."
    Wawababi grabbed her bag.
    "Let's go!"

    Ernesto's radio crackled as he led the ladies to the judge's stand. Karsten was standing there. He made a point of giving Korri a dramatic hug and kiss.
    "My love!" he shouted for all to hear. "I'm so excited for you today!"
    Ernesto felt awkward.
    "All you need, Signore!"
    "Grazie, Ernesto. We're good!"
    Ernesto nodded and walked away. He picked up the radio.
    "What is it, cousin?"
    A few feet away, he could hear his cousin laughing. He wore a yellow jacket marked "Sicurezza", or Security, and it appeared to be small on him.
    "You tell me, cousin," Cesar Augusto laughed, as he flexed his muscles. "Is this the biggest jacket you have?"

    • Keiryu Feels weird that my mini-me has not stabbed him yet. But I suppose ya right. The garoto became a homenzinho. So I do have to give him at least that much courtesy. Plus ya know I don't turn down a drink.

      So Caesar made his appearance with pinkie and Kotomi. Things are becoming interesting. It's about time for the P-Man to get NTRd again.
  • In the Pink IV: Family Secrets
    Korri had known who Wawababi was for some time. But this was the first time she ever remembered Wawababi initiating a conversation, let alone asking to sit together.
    But there she was, chatting away a mile a minute.
    Korri was so rattled from her experience trying to soothe her newfound lust that she tried to ignore the still-lit fires in her crotch. If only she wasn't sitting over the bus back wheel.
    Maybe she had never noticed before, that there were so many rocks in the road to Italy.
    Bang. BANG!
    Shivers would run up her spine, each time a particularly large bump was hit.
    She tried distracting herself by joining Wawababi's one-way conversation.
    "You know, I'm glad we've had this chance to talk."
    "Oh, it won't be the last."
    Um, why?
    "Good goddess, how long WERE you dating Karsten before today?"
    "Oh, we all know now. The whole family. He has your picture up on all the social media. Kind of cute, too."
    She looked at her phone.
    "My love. My lady. My soulmate. The one!"
    Korri froze. Oh my goddess, no!
    "Damn, lady! Did you pop his cherry?"
    Korri was too horrified to answer.
    "One thing you have to know about Karsten is, he's a bit...clingy. Usually, if he just kisses a girl, he's picking out China patterns. I'm surprised he didn't mention you until now..."
    Korri visibly gasped.
    Wawababi smiled. Weirdly.
    "Tell me the truth. He doesn't last very long, does he?"
    There's a question I wouldn't ask about my cousin, Korri thought.
    "Why do you ask?"
    "Rich boys rarely do. It's a rule of thumb - the bigger Daddy's account is, the small their...performance is. That's why a girl comes prepared. And now that we're family..."
    Wawababi reached into her purse. A moment later, she produced a long cylinder.
    "This is the Mankiller 4000. Rechargable. 1/8 horsepower. Just the thing for those little lady issues."
    "One eighth horsepower?"
    "Well, you wouldn't want one horsepower, unless you're Catherine the Great. And look what happened to her."
    She switched it on. The Mankiller came to life, buzzing like a hornet's nest.
    Korri thought she was horrified before. But that was before she saw the Mankiller disappear below Wawababi's uni. Her new friend cooed quietly, as Korri glanced around to see if anyone was watching.
    "Well, I, I, I can't take your Mankiller."
    Wawababi laughed and switched it off. "Of course, silly. Let me give you one that's still in the package. And open your purse - we don't want the whole team seeing."
    Moments later, Korri had her own Mankiller 4000. Lube. A vision of dozens of female owners with their own portable Mankiller. Massive amounts of guilt.
    And the itch. Growing strong each time the bus driver found another stone on the rocky road to Tuscany.
    My goddess, she thought. How far IS Florence?  

    • Keiryu So is P-man gonna check the freedom wall anytime soon? Better question. How little of a f**k does Kotomi even give about her boyfriend in this?

      Also love the reference with Caty the Greaty. Really nice touch.
  • In the Pink III: Helping Hand
    Korri was getting a little desperate. Her itch had been scratched somewhat, but the longing in her loins persisted. What to do?

    She slipped her uni back on and ooked in the hallway. All the athletes had left the gym; it was strangely deserted for some reason. Where were all the excited voices from a few minutes ago?She saw a random stranger on his cell phone. The man was old, fat, bald and entirely not her type. But as long as he was a man...
    She approached the man."Sir, can I have your help in here for a minute?"The old man turned.

    "Certainly, dear."

    He put his phone down and followed her back to the equipment room. She locked the door behind him.
    Instinctively, he took a step back.
    "Is this a robbery?"
    "Oh, no, no, sir. I just..."
    She saw a flicker of terror in his eyes. She was going to be more subtle, but now she had no time.
    "I need you to...make love to me. Right now."
    She peeled the uni off to her waist. She stepped forward and placed the old man's hands on her breasts. They felt like sandpaper.
    "Mademoiselle, I cannot. And should not. You are being immoral, and I am a married man."
    He backed away.
    Shocked, she took a step back and got dressed.
    "Now, please leave me! If this school is teaching young girls to do this, I will have a stern talk with the rest of the board!"
    Korri  opened the door and ran.
    The old man straightened his tie.
    That will teach me to let my Viagra prescription run out, he thought.
    As he was about to leave the equipment room, Karsten opened the door. He seemed surprised at the presence, but it made him happy nonetheless.
    The old man smiled.
    "I think I have met the lady I am going to marry! Because today, I have become a man!"
    The old man smiled. It must be a lot easier to become a man these days.
    "Great job, young man. Meet us in the car."
    "But I'm supposed to take the bus with the team."
    "All the way to Tuscany? Absolutely not. Gunther already has the car pulled up. See you out there."
    The young man departed. His grandfather took a last sad look at the equipment room, then at his hands. He turned his hands away, and imagined the young lady's breasts in them, if only for a moment.
    And he smiled.

    • Keiryu She really going for the record in dick stuffing here ain't she? Not that I really care since there are only two woman I care about enough. Well three if I imagine Karin with long hair...
  • In the Pink II: Warmups
    Korri strained to get her practice togs on. The lone bit of fabric that attached the front and back of her leotard was in the wrong position, for a person in her condition. Today, the tiny strip of cloth fit more personal, more tight.

    Korri tried to sweep that word out of her mind. She knew she had to go to practice. Her coach would not accept anything less than her presence in the gym. She did her best to move quickly from her dorm room to the athletic center. She bit her lip as she walked, trying to suppress the urge to reach down and scratch her most unladylike of itches.

    She started to think back on the events in her bedroom. Primero had left her unsatisfied. But Bel didn't, did she? She certainly seemed satisfied, as Korri licked her lower lips like an ice cream cone until she had come. A burst of saltiness had left her friend as her face contorted into satisfaction. She had held her own breasts, squeezing them as she let out a sigh.

    My Goddess. Korri thought. I forgot to have her make me come!

    Korri knew she couldn't hide in the locker room from her pals. She did not know if she could face her coach. But as she walked into the gym, she furtively looked where she could hide. The gear and trainer room always seemed empty.

    Karsten had become the unofficial trainer of the sports center. He had hopes of becoming a doctor; with his family's deep pockets, it was pretty much a given he would go and do whatever he wanted. Still, he wanted to start "from the bottom up". And what could be lower than taping ankles for prep students?

    Korri came in and closed the door behind her.
    "Are you here to be taped?" said a voice behind her.
    She did not need tape. But she needed a reason to be here.
    "Hop up."
    Korri climbed onto the trainer's table. Karsten laughed as she placed her feet on the cushion.
    "You'll have to take your shoes off, silly. And your socks."
    Karsten nonchalantly pulled Korri's shoes off, paying no attention to its effect on the girl. The socks were even worse - as the cold air of the gym hit the soles of her feet, she whimpered.
    Karsten looked up this time. He knew he was not supposed to stare at the crotches of the people he was supposed to be taping. But stare he did. And what he saw astounded him.
    Korri was looking at him through her knees. She was shivering. The strip of fabric that joined her uni was soaked. And it formed a tight cover over what could best be described a camel toe. It was as if Korri's body was pulling the costume into her.
    "Please," she begged. "Be quick."
    Karsten ran to the door and locked it. When she came back, he looked at the lass on the table and made a fateful decision.
    "The Hippocratic oath," he stammered. "Is first, do no harm.”
    He took some salve from the side table and dabbed his finger in it.
    "If this isn't helping, let me know."
    With one hand, he pulled the offending fabric over from her vagina. With the other, he applied a bit of salve to two fingers and touched the affected area.
    She rolled her eyes up. Her hand reached down and guided him in.
    Within moments, two of his fingers were now in his classmate's pussy. Korri held his wrist, pressing him to move deeper. He could feel his own parts rise to attention.
    "The Hippocratic oath," he repeated. "I can't do this here."
    Korri leapt off the table, and stood in front of a stack of gym blocks. She stripped naked and stared at him.
    "How about here instead?"
    Karsten stripped and came over to her. He readied his penis with a hastily applied condom and stood before her.
    "Don't freak out, but could I ask you a favor?" Korri asked.
    "When we do it, I want to cry out 'Primero!' as we do this. O-Okay?"
    Karsten had no idea what or who Primero was, so it was fine with him. She guided him quickly, and braced herself as he started thrusting. Each time he thrusted, the blocks would echo. It was as if she was being held by another, and she reveled in the feel of it.
    He banged more, and more. She started to swoon. But she remembered what Bel had said. So as she gasped at his efforts, she remembered to call out.
    "Primero. Primerooo. PriMAAAAAAAAAAAAAro. Ah.!"
    Karsten still had no concept. But her body clutched him tighter each time she  yelled, so he went with it.
    Suddenly, there was more banging. And it wasn't the blocks.
    A rough voice was outside the door.
    "Bring your kit. We have a sprained ankle in the gym."
    A second later, he withdrew. Milliseconds later, the baggie at the end of his member filled. He had come.
    He looked back at Korri.
    "I can't ever thank you..."
    Korri watched him dress and leave.
    I wish I could say the same.

    • Keiryu Damn ya kinky bastard buddy. Ya gonna turn ya own love into a total sex fiend. Even have her do that prick. I like it.

      FYI ladies: just because ya scream ya dudes name while doing someone else. Does not mean ya ain't cheating. Unless of course he happens to be a oblivious idiot named Primero. ;D
  • In the Pink I: Cyber Interruptus
    Korri stared at the blank screen and screamed.Mere moments ago, her boyfriend had been guiding her through their first cybersex experience together. He had talked her into all of it: closing the door, stripping herself naked, and touching herself, all while staring at him through thousands of miles of internet connections.
    And then he was gone.
    What happened, she wondered. Had he been caught? Had they been cut off? Was some unknown hacker now staring at her naked body, her fingers still moist from their brief dive into her lady parts?
    The worst part was, she was working up to the most wonderful feeling. Doing herself, while calling out Primero's name was the most erotic, most spine tingling feeling she had ever known. And like a ringing in the ears, her soft cleft had not yet gotten the word that the fun was over.
    She shivered as she got up. She was stark naked, and her robe hung from the hook on the other side of the room. Every step she took, her sweet lips rubbed against each other, driving her higher.
    She made it to the door and reached for the room.
    The door opened. The edge struck her on the wrist, as the robe was pulled away from her. The draft of the dorm corridor struck her sweaty skin; the tips of her tits were the first to noticed, as they stiffened at attention. With horror, she realized that she was now looking into a crowded hallway. And everyone in the hallway that was looking towards her, could now see everything. Her sore wrist reached down to cover her crotch as her other arm stretched awkwardly across her breasts.
    Bel had barged in, like she always did. She was such an American. It took her a few seconds to realize that her friend was naked. Once she did, she shut the door. Clapping and a couple of boos could be heard on the other side of the closed portal.

    "Korri, what the everloving hell?"
    I should you the same question. Korri thought. She just wished she could say it out loud.
    "OK, just stay calm."
    Bel took the shivering girl's hands and held them in her own.
    Korri saw the robe drop behind Bel. She tried to say something, but the shivering got more intense. Bel holding her hands wasn't helping; in fact, it was making things worse.
    Bel didn't see the robe; she did see Korri's blanket behind Korri, on the bed. She thought it might make sense to bring her over to the bed.
    "OK, Korri," she purred. "We need to calm you down. Just sit back."
    Bel was making her walk. Backwards.
    Korri wanted to say, No. Stop. Let me get my robe. But every step triggered more sensations. More feelings. More...desire. Fire radiated up from her privates, burning her up and making her shiver.
    She let Bel back her towards the bed. She went to sit down. Instead, she lay back, spread eagle, and bent her knees. She had no idea if the blue haired American was straight or was a lesbian. But at that moment, she did not care.

    Bel watched as her friend lay back. Korri was normally a shy girl, but at the moment, she was the most brazen figure of female sexuality Bel had ever seen.
    She turned, walked two steps back and locked the door. She moved a chair in front of it. That was the moment she saw the robe on the floor.
    When she turned back, she saw Korri, in a daze, placing her two fingers in her vag.
    This is all my fault, she thought.
    "Korri, look at me."
    The fingers were moving faster.
    Bel glanced around the room. Was there somebody else in here? A boy? A girl? A...coach?
    "Are you alone?"
    Korri's free hand started to rub under her breasts. Bel was beginning to realize that Korri's actions were starting to turn her on. Bundled with the guilt she had, she figured she only had one recourse.
    "Korri, I can make this better. Do you want that?"
    "Goddess, yes."
    "All right then."
    Bel's first thought was to find a toy that Korri could use. But she did not know how to ask, hey friend, do you happen to have a dildo handy? Bel swallowed hard, and realized what she had to do.
    As Korri looked on, still pumping her fingers into her punani, Bel began to strip. She unbuttoned her blouse, and removed her bra. She lay down next to Korri and stroked her hair. With her free hand, she took Korri's hand away from her crotch and placed it on her own breast.
    She squeezed some K-Y on her fingers.
    "This will feel cool," she assured her friend.
    Korri's eyes lit up, as the sensation of a different hand stroked the edge of her labia.
    "Does that feel better?" Bel asked.
    Korri smiled a devilish grin.
    "Almost as good as this."
    Korri's hand left Bel's breast. In a instant she had slid her hand under the waistband of Bel's shorts and panties. The sensation as Korri's wet fingertips hit Bel's clit was stunning.
    Bel went to tell her No, but her open mouth was greeted by Korri's tongue. The girls exchanged French kisses as their fingers felt the warmth of each other's pussy. With her free hand, Bel pulled her clothes to her knees. Her reward was Korri replacing her finger with her tongue. Bel propped herself on her elbows and watched Korri devour her nethers. Wave after wave of sensation hit her, bringing her to an earth shattering climax.

    As the ladies held each other, Bel kissed her on the forehead.
    "So why are we here?"
    Korri laughed.
    "I was cybersexing my boyfriend when his connection went out."
    "So you have the pink."
    "The what?"
    "The pink. Pink lips, pink balls. The lady equivalent of what the boys call blue balls when they don't get to come."
    "So, how do you fix it?"
    "By coming. Which we did, marvelously, by the way."
    Bel wandered around the room, retrieving her clothes."
    "But didn't I just...cheat?"
    "Your boyfriend put you in this pickle, honey. Would you be cheating if he took you to a swinger party?"
    "Well, no."
    "Then, any time something like this happens, think of him. Call out his name, if you have to."
    She went back and gave Korri a long kiss.
    "And any time you want soft on soft, text me the words, ICE CREAM. I'll know what you mean."
    Korri watched her leave. She looked down at lower lips.
    The pink, she thought. And coming takes it away. But why do I still feel...
    Her phone buzzed.

    • Rasheed Well, that's the most erotic thing I'd read all day. It's just so strange that girls can do hot stuff like that and still call themselves "straight". But what can I say, girl logic, right? And all this happened while Primero was gone. Korri, you naughty naughty girl!

      Sadly I wish I could write as good as you, bro. But my mind is always overthinking. Which reminds me, I need to continue my own fanfiction regardless of this.
    • Keiryu That's mah soon to be mind broken bluebird of happiness. She knows just how to make someone happy.. Beautiful man.
    • dead_phone Impressive. Are you a professional writer? If not, you might consider becoming one.
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  • Who would be your made man?
    One doesn't build a strong organization without strong people. That's especially the case in a criminal organization. And since the King of the Underworld cannot be everywhere, he needs somebody to be his "guy" in Rosebery.

    I have two different ideas over who that guy should be, so I'd like your feedback.

    Candidate #1: Meet Yamada Taro.

    The name literally means nothing - like "John Doe", it's a default name put into forms. Here, Taro is wearing a gray tie with his gray shirt, under a dark gray suit.
    His company does those little flourishes you see in typical buildings. Chair rail. Mouldings. Lobby video screens.  Cheap work with shiny finishes, meant to launder mob money through long term, no-bid contracts. If this was New Jersey, he might be putting in the final touches once Tony Soprano's crew gets done.

    So what does he need a teenage mob for?
    Somebody repaints a wall when there's gang graffiti, fixes a storage door after thieves break in, and gets the tasker to build new, gleaming security desks. And if things work out at Rosebery, maybe more of Japan will need..."fixing".

    (Picture credit: came from the White Dragon anime site).

    Candidate #2: Hank Ngata.

    And then there's Hank. You can spot this guy a mile away. A New Zealand Maori, he heard tales of how his land was settled, and decided to spend his life conquering other lands. He was instrumental in getting some powerful New Guinea mobsters to back Cesar.

    He sees places like Rosebery as stepping stones towards gaining a presence in the Asian archipelagos, and maybe someday, the mainland. And it has not escaped his notice how the rich kids throw their money around (and how some of them look in skirts). A few weapons and a lot of blow can go a long way.
    So this might be fun, putting together a team, pissing off the locals, and getting some kid to do the heavy lifting while he takes in the local talent, two legs at a time.

    (Pic: Not much Maori anime out there, so this is somebody's rendition of Moby Dick's Quequeg. Probably a faux Disney knockoff, for all I care.)

    One is a ghost, the man behind the throne. The other wants to be the Genghis Khan of his generation.

    • Keiryu You can use both which would make it more exciting. On one side you have the "No name" guy who does all the work behind the scenes without ever being noticed (unlike SimMan who pulls the strings while still playing a major role).

      While the other one is the face of the situation the brawn if you so will. He acts as the main threat taking the heat from Taro.

      I do like the idea behind both especially since you used the John Doe approach. So yeah why not both?
    • SimMan Hmmm... it's really hard to choose. Both characters have a lot of potentials so I guess at the end I don't have to choose.
  • Prospective Black Yakuza gang member Josef Tankian
    His name is Josef. He goes by Joe, because it sounds American to him.
    He learned the art of blades because where he is from, only soldiers have guns. He tattooed himself because it pissed off his parents; he tattoos others for pocket money.
    He met Alexia one night after a basketball game. She was standing outside of the field house cursing her family over the phone. She did not see him there until after she finished the call, and did not know until later that he understood every word of her sharp Russian tongue.When he woke up before her the next morning, he thought that she looked like an angel. He offered to tattoo her with an angel design. She accepted, but said she had to shave her pubes first.
    The Black Yakuza gang had offered him a membership after using his services following a gang "initiation". But his relationship with Alexia is quickly evolving into much more than great sex. Josef wonders if he could keep it going,  if he joined the gang. He has seen how dark some men's souls can be, and he fears that he has no idea what Minoru, Kingslie, and this group of rich boys are capable of.
    OK, folks, that's my profiles of prospective gang members. Like them? Hate them? Got your own ideas? Speak out! 
    • SimMan I can only say I LOVE reading all these new ideas. I may not be able to use them directly but I always get a few kicks from them. Josef is in. To be exact, I will need 200 unique different students in Rosebery, each of them will have a first name, gender, body size (big, medium, small), skin color and hairstyle. When Players become a high ranker they will be able to recruit them to the gang or kick them out. PS While we can't create 200 hairstyles we may have say 20 styles, mixed them with 10 different colors.
    • kotomifan What do you think of the rest of the lineup, [65583,Keiryu] ?
    • Keiryu I think if we gotta name casual it should be John. Out of all Primero's he should be the most generic so tattoos or swords are a no no too.

      Just make him a literally blank slate type character. Nothing should be special about him. Which in a world where even the comic relief character Dan can become a SMA powered MAN. It would make him that much more special.

      That's just mg opinion however.
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  • Minoru Fuji - the best and worst thing to happen to Rosebery
    Minoru Fuji leads the campus police at Rosebery. He is strict and regimented, and the crime statistics bear him out. He came highly recommended by the local police department. He gives self defense classes that have waiting lists of female students for months to come. Most of the students walk freely on campus, day or night. The administration could not be happier.It was simple, really.  All he had to do to prevent crime was to train the criminals himself.
    Late at night, Kingslie, Kent, Rasheed will come by. He drills the young Black Yakuza on the nastiest of the dark arts. Then he scans through the network of cameras to find any prospective criminal. His gang gets their practice in. They plan to bring on two new members, Karen and Jozef, as soon as they know they're not undercover cops.
    Of course, on slow nights, the gang might commit a few crimes themselves. And he may or may not have come for the ride. But every student on campus agreed to complain to Minoru and his staff first before going to the real police. Don't worry, young lady. If anything turns up on your investigation, you'll be the first to know. Nice girl. She really shouldn't undress so close to the window.But Minoru wants more. He wants to own this town. And the bikers stand in his way...
    • Keiryu I can see this guy giving you one hand to shake and stabbing you with his free hand in the face all while having a calm smile on his face.

      Me and him should shake hands one of this days.
    • Rasheed A lot of perfectionists tend to be bright, because they always want everything right! *ba dum tss*

      I like this guy already!
  • Kajuaru "Rakki" Ito, Biker Gang Member
    (Gang Candidate: Rakki Ito)
    Nothing is safe around Rakki. If he walks by you, check your wrist for your watch. Check your pocket for your wallet. Make sure your girl is still by your side, and that your car is still where you left it.He's that good. And that bad.
    Ladies, look out. He knows just what to say, when it's closing time. He'll ride you seven days to Sunday. But when you wake up in the morning walking funny, you might want to check your silver drawer.But look at those eyes.
    He didn't mean it.
    It won't happen again.
    And while he's got your panties down to your ankles, and you hear yourself screaming his name into his back seat as he brings you to a frenzy, you promise to not let this happen again.Beginning tomorrow.
    • Keiryu I would not get along with this guy. He seems like the classic master thief and I don't like it. If ya gonna rob someone then at least have the common courtesy to stab em on the eye while you do it....
    • Rasheed I can imagine this guy being at a bar and challenging you to a drinking game!
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  • Toreda Hiragana - Biker Gang Member
    (Gang Candidate: Toreda Hiragana)
    You don't come to Toreda to talk.Come into his bar, and bring cash or credit cards. Nobody runs a tab at his bar for more than one night. And even the women know better than to ask for fruity drinks, should they come in more than once. Shot of whisky will fix whatever is wrong. If not, then two.

    Come late at night, and bring unmarked bills. If he knows you won't rip him off, he is your man. Drugs. Knives. Diamonds. He knows his stuff, and he knows his people. He'll get you hooked up.
    Come at him with a knife or a gun, and you're on the floor. Do it twice and you're in the morgue.
    Don't bother to come onto him. Sure, he'll take free sex. But he opened his heart once. And he won't let it happen again.
    He was born in the streets. And he'll probably die in them. It just won't be for a while.
    • Keiryu Didn't he die while fighting zeds with my mini-me? Poor bastard I did not dislike him.

      On the other hand. I can agree that he makes a good criminal Primero.
    • SimMan I will take this guy too. He is quite a popular character in your works I believe.
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  • Akage Shiruku, Biker Gang Girl
    (Gang candidate: Akage Shiruku)Just outside the campus of Rosebery Prep stands a pub, held together by broken promises and spilled liquor. The obscene thoughts of despondent men are spray painted on the doors and walls of its fetid lavatory.
    It does not look like the place one might go to find charm. But in this world, it's the only place it can be found.
    The redhead sits on the lap of her man. She calls him her prince; he calls her Charm. It's a name she gave herself here, one that she displays on the tattoo on her shoulder. The other gang members know her real name, but they play along. 
    Tomorrow, they will go to school. Her prince's name is Leroy, there. Hers is Akage. He is the latest rich boy that she gives her favors to, in return for a steady stream of gifts. As long as he is generous to her, she plays along with his gang member persona.

    When the bar closes, she will go home to her tiny dorm room. Her proper school uniform hangs forlornly in her closet, next to her hand sewn design creations.
    On nights that she can't sleep, and she's not pleasing her man, she will take out a notebook and a pencil. She will close her eyes and imagine a far away runway in New York or Milan. Later, the wilder designs of Paris and Tokyo fill her imagination. She imagines lovely feminine models in swatches of her favorite green, yellow, and red shades, escorted by men in tuxes or black leather. Once inspired, she'll put her glasses on, and the sketchpad will fill up with her take on these fashions. Every so often, she'll wander to the mystic shop and try on the exotic creations she sees on display. Then she goes to the mall, buys fabric and thread, and goes home to manifest her ideas into an outfit.

    She hopes to marry one of these rich boys. Or two. As long as they have deep enough pockets to make her dreams come true.
    • Keiryu I do admit to having a certain liking for our lovely charm lady...Must be the hair.

      Still if o had to choose I would not pair her up with anyone to extensively. She is a gold digger first and foremost. Even more so then Sana.

      While I see Sana getting gold by working hard and playing by the rules. Charm lady is the opposite. She will break every rule in the book and even set the book on fire. As long as she gets what she wants. Just my take on her however.
    • SimMan So she is now officially called the Charm Girl
    • Rasheed Yup, definitely a whore,
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  • Rosebery: What if the "Player" wasn't Primero?
    I've been following Red Haired Devil's graphic conversation with SimMan and it dawned on me. While the default name of the character was Primero in SimGirls, I rarely chose it, because I wanted to picture myself in that story.
    And when I got to play as a female character in Lovemore, it would have been impractical to go back to being a man for my character to participate in Lovemore II. And it sounds like RHD wants to be in the story as RHD, and not necessarily Primero.
    FInally, there is Sao. The wingman of wingmen.

    So here's the pitch:
    You set up player as male or female. First day, you and Primero show up,  in a cold hard government office. An official looking vaguely Akira-ish explains you were both survivors of a horrible accident. You are informed that an unnamed benefactor has donated the money for a full scholarship for the two of you to attend Rosebery Prep to finish your education.
    You go through all the iterations of dating, fighting, and Superball playing with Tassy and Korri, and along the way, you build up their stats, and Primero's too, much the way you built up Sao's in Lovemore. Your "team" of people you can build up can expand to Alexia, Blu, Sana, and even Kingslie.
    There can even be a Primero vs. Player fight near the end, either as part of the story, or as a real, come to blows, fight over Korri.
    At the end, Primero goes to college. And you might, too, if your stats are high enough. Say hi to Dan the Man for me, when you see him.

    • Red Haired Devil How did I miss this. Well for the most Part I very much like the way SimMan is himself in all his work I was just thinking it be neat to be part of your own story like that, so I just went and made myself part of the story. Honestly Rosebery just gave me the Idea of a potential extra character being added, like an extra teacher for gaining more specific knowledge like Akira For literature ups stats in intelligence and charm and another like engineering or mechanics teacher for upping stats in intelligence and Strength. An addition like that could also open a possibility for that character to resurface in the events after Lovemore I never minded the Idea of playing the story out as Primero, but I can see the appeal to living as as him, and as some one who is alongside him, it gives you the chance to play a part in his story without necessarily interrupting it's flow as it unfolds in accordance to the events that kick off college. honestly if that were how it was, both ways would work just. fine finishing Rosebery as Primero would just lead straight into his adventures in College, and if you were to finish it as a friend of his, you would have had the opportunity to have played a role in his legacy, and enjoyed it for what it was and go on with your life in a separate direction.In this way you can live out the story , as well as be a part of it without disrupting the flow of it's plot.
    • SimMan http://www.freedomwall.info/post/5817274/my-thoughts-on-simgirls-rosebery-so-far

      Under the current plan, Primero will be the default option but I will allow players to make a new character to replace him completely. Anyway please if you have any new idea or new character I would need a lot of them.