Trying to keep warm? Curl up with a good story.

I wanted to thank those of you who discovered (or rediscovered) our site, and have been reading and commenting on my fanfic contributions.

I consolidated the stories into text narratives at I had planned to hold off on new stories until the new game came out, but if you have a desire to see the Simgirls or SimGirls College characters in action again, let me know!
  • Keiryu You know me always a fan of a good read. So i say as long as you keep making them i keep reading them. Still waiting on the continuation/Side story of the Zombie fanfic by the way. I WANT MY PINK COLORED BASTARD SWORD!!!
    • kotomifan "Omega Playboy II" is literally the first Shambala based story I have queued up. And there is a character or two that I'm sure you'll recognize.
      • Keiryu KEIRYU/KEIR BE COMING TO TOWN on all those pastly futuristic magic kung fu Zombies......YEAH!!!

        But nah. Glad to hear that you still have that. Still think you could also add a little extra to see what all the other characters who did not make an appearance in the original where up to. Just sees like a nice little extra.