Warning: NO John Cusack movies before bedtime (31.media.tumblr.com)

I had this dream that John Cusack met me at a party in London, and introduced me to two extremely attractive British girls, as well as some artsy friends of his. One of them had drawn a series of nudes on the walls of his flat. To be honest, they were drawn as if they were done by kids with street chalk. And some reason, John had an English accent.

Things were going well until he suggested we drive somewhere. He then insisted we all sit in the front seat while he drove. He then started spouting philosophy that sounded like song lyrics.

The one girl was getting very friendly with me, so I asked if we could go to the back seat to get more comfortable. She responded by unzipping my jeans. He responded by pulling a gun on me while still driving..

Then the "Black Parade" came on the radio, everything went into slow motion and I woke up.

I rate it above my "wake up in High School in my underwear" dreams.