Couldn't be....could it?
Pic on Left: Girl just got shot by her own mother in Texas.

Pic on Right: Page's "Have a great weekend" post from a few days back (via Chive).
I did a doubletake when I saw the article today. If that is the same girl, it would be a real shame.
  • holybug678 Oh my Christ, this is such an insane coincidence.
  • Fear57 Try sending a message to Page and see if she responds. Give it four or five months. After looking at some more of Page's pictures I think it is her. . .
    • Robin I don't think this picture is a picture of Page herself, is it? I thought she just took them from somewhere (Could be wrong though)

      Maybe [25769,Page] could clarify a bit and even maybe tell us who the girl is.
  • Robin So if it isn't her, it isn't a real shame?

    At first glance I'd say no, but if I look closer and imagine some make-up (and she must've colored her hair too or something because the left one has way darker roots), it's actually possible.

    Does anybody know her name (the right one)?
    • kotomifan It's a shame either way. America's turned into a firing range.
      • Fear57 Gun violence is at a historic low for the U.S. and has decreased over 50% in the past 20 years with gun sales and ownership increasing over 30% in the same 20 years. Please explain to me why places like Chicago where guns are virtually banned has some of the highest gun murders in the nation with an average of 15 people a day?

        I'm sick of this shit. Every time, every fucking time a shooting happens the Left jumps in there "Muh gun controwl" but they only do it when it's instances like this, but places like New York City where 10-20 people a day are shot, when guns are heavily restricted there, then they say nothing.

        Let's do some math. Less than 10,000 people a year are shot and killed in the U.S. (The left throws suicides in there to make the number over 30,000 to push their agenda) So 10,000 out of 310 Million. That is 0.001% of the population.
        Gun deaths: 10,000
        Obesity deaths: 300,000

        The U.S. is very far from a firing range and I'm sick and tired of people using death as an excuse to pass Facist laws or blame gun owners.
        • kotomifan "Gun violence...has decreased over 50% in the past 20 years." That's good news. I hope they can find a way to decrease it the other 50%!
          • Fear57 We are. It's going down further with gun ownership going up. It's roughly at 7,500 - 8,500 a year now. The media will tell you 30,000+ a year, but they will not tell you that over 50% of that is suicides. That is still 0.001%. You have a higher chance of:
            - Winning the mega millions lottery
            - Being involved in a shark attack
            - Being killed in an auto wreck
            - Falling in the shower and breaking your neck

            Just to list a few. We can not stop it, but we can limit it.
            - End gun free zones (Something that Ohio is working on)
            - Support and encourage people to get a conceal carry (IF they want one)
            - Educate people about firearms
            - Offer safety classes for all people. Both gun owners and non-gun owners. (Something that is already done, but needs to be done more and welcomed instead of punished and looked at as terrorist training grounds)
            - Hold the big pharma responsible for over medicating people 95% of the time making people go psycho.
            - Practice responsible gun ownership, especially if you have a child

            If guns killed people then why am I not in prison? Seriously. My Jericho is just sitting here watching Die Hard like a lazy ass.

            The way the Constitution is written it's clear. 10,000 a year or 10,000,000 a year. Rights override dead. Now if you want to change that, please see the youtube video in my first response to get rid of the second amendment and how to enforce it... which would ironically make gun violence sky rocket.

            I rarely get involved in discussion but when it comes to this, I will get in there because people will stand on the graves of dead to push feelings instead of facts. Here we have a young girl, dead by a clearly deranged mother and instead of blaming mental health people are blaming guns.

            As a Constitutionalist it infuriates me when people call nations what they are not. You can call the U.S. fat. You can call the U.S. broken. You can even call the U.S. idiotic. But one thing this nation is not, is a firing range. Because year after year, the numbers keep dropping, gun ownership keeps increasing and people still want more gun control and still use the dead as an excuse to lie and strike fear into people that don't know firearms.
          • holybug678 Not with the greedy and cowardly politicians we have in office.