Simgirl Character Creation: Yuki Itaya (Update)
Her name is Yuki Itaya.

If you've read my fanfics, you've met her before. She's the one with the green Mohawk.  At 170cm in height, she's a hair shorter than Akira. High and hard 36Bs, or since we're metric here, 91-66-88. 57kg, but she'll admit to 55 - that is, if she doesn't kill you with her stare for asking. 
She can drive in Japan (she's 18) to her job at the gym.

Gorgeous dark brown eyes. Rose tattoo on her ankle. Wings tat where her pubes should be, ala Asia Argento. Not that Player/Primero will see that right away.

You see, she's not that easy.

Picture this: It's the second day. Akira Kudo pulls our hero aside and says that she takes a special interest in some of her students. She and her friends will improve Primero's knowledge, strength, and charm. Akira will handle the knowledge part, of course. And after the last exam, she'll have a special prize for her top student!
Next stop is the gym. Primero is introduced to Akira's trainer, Yuki. He foolishly laughs at the idea of a female trainer. The next minute, Yuki decks him (or Akira does, if SimMan wants to keep the current setup running). Yuki says that to build strength, Primero needs to come back and train, at $50 a lesson. Or, there's always the boxing challenge.
Finally, Akira takes Primero to a bar. He meets a CHARMing young lady, who... promptly drags him in the bathroom for a quickie. It's a hundred bucks next time, she says.

Getting back to Yuki: at first, Yuki is all business, as she stands by the punching bag that Primero is hitting.
Any attempt he makes to hit on her vs. hitting the bag gets him whacked, possibly literally.
Oh, and since she's the boxing coach at the gym, whenever the ladies fight each other, she's the ref.

Gradually she warms to our hero; when Strength and Charm are both > 100, click on her instead of the bag, and she starts dropping hints about what she likes. While she'll go out with Primero at 200 strength, he might not want to ask her out right at 200, because she might let out some of her more intimate answers then, and she'll be less likely to be busy as strength and charm approach 300.

Then comes the day she agrees to go next door to the pub for a drink. They order her favorite drink, assuming Primero knows what that is (hint, hint). He starts answering her questions about her. Things are going well until he flubs her favorite movie choice (It's NOT Titanic).
He tries again a couple of days later.
The final question is what day did she start giving you hints. Attention to detail gets him a trip to the Love Hotel, where she shows him what he's been missing. Bonus if they go over there when you've got 3 300s. They may have to rebuild the hotel once you check out. And SimMan's graphic artisans will have a field day helping us visualize what those two forces of nature will do in bed.

Here's two times that I included her in my fanfics: Her role in Karin's story portrays her as a dominating woman who keeps Snakeman in line. Not a small task. She also gets to play a little with Karin and Sana- check out this "bonus scene" with Sana and Snakeman in

By the way, I also had the idea that for the "charm" scene on Day 2, they could go to the mall men's shop instead, where a CHARMing lady tailor will measure Primero's inseam. Each $100 suit will bring your charm up, she promises. Now I understand if our $100 lady of the loo has to stay where she is; but, you can't knock a guy for trying.

Anyway, I hope you consider Yuki for the SimGirls. She is one of my favorites. I hope she'll be one of yours, too.
  • Robin "a CHARMing young lady" :p

    I think this update is better than the original :)
    It's also more doable to create her now.
    • kotomifan I appreciate that. I think when I took a step back, that I found a better place for her.
    • Kentaro i really can't figure out your love for the ' ;p ' smiley.
      btw, i find yuki awesome. the way he got around the curves was a clean and professional task.
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        I use ":p" not ";p", what do you think of me? Only weird emoticon-obsessed people would use ";p"...

        But I don't know either. I just did a lot when I first came on here and I think if I'd stop people would think my account got hacked ;p
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  • Kentaro shez worth the sg universe
  • SimMan I love all the little details given to your character Yuki.