Simgirls Character Creation: Tsukiko Takanashi (withdrawn from the contest)
Meet Tsukiko "Tsutaurushi" Takanashi. She's Kotomi's younger sister. She's a tad shorter than Kotomi. She's not the athlete that Kotomi is, and not the student that Kotomi is.
Her hair is purple, and she ties it up on pigtails. She parties, apparently too much for her grades to handle. She likes her music loud and her movies bloody. Not that it's your business, but she's 63kg and a 91cm bust, and she thinks her sister is too skinny. And her 71cm waisted skirt rides a bit shorter than it should on her 96cm thighs, not that the guys mind. She's also 15, and not dateable. Not that she'd date YOU. Her nickname is "Tsutaurushi", aka poison ivy. You may be calling her a lot worse as the game progresses.

She also happens to be the the student that Primero tutors. It will be Primero's job to bring her grades up. Because if her grades don't go up, Kotomi will also become not dateable.

Early on (Day 3, maybe?) Ami invites Primero and Kotomi for coffee at her family restaurant. Kotomi confides in her friends that her mother is angry at Tsikiko's failing grades. Tsukiko only wants to go clubbing. Kotomi tells you that if her sister gets her grades up, Kotomi is allowed to date. If her sister's grades stay down, Kotomi has a curfew, so she can stay home and tutor her sister. This means no dates. No, it's not fair. Oh yeah, and the sister will also be at the Takanashi house whenever Kotomi is, until her grades improve.
Primero is offered the choice between "That's too bad" and "I can tutor her!"
Selecting option#2 will credit one tutor session out of the five required to lift Kotomi's curfew. Tutor her 5 times before the first exam, she'll get the A, and Kotomi is free to start dating again.
The five tutor requirement starts again after the first exam. And if you've somehow gained access to Kotomi's house by then, you'll find that Tsukiko answers the door. She'll be in club attire, but not be able to go, so she'll be mad at Primero. And you'll be mad that you can't get through to Kotomi. Back to work!
Don't forget after the second exam to help her study for finals. By the final exam, she needs at least 5 more tutor sessions to unlock the curfew. Otherwise, you know what happens.
An A on the final gets you a $1000 bonus from their very grateful mother. Tsukiko will also get you and Kotomi backstage passes. You and Kotomi enjoy the show, then have a little backseat action in the parking lot later.

I saw the trend towards younger, non-dateable characters, so I wanted to make one that would impact the others, but with a minimum of new graphics. What do you think?
  • SimMan withdrawn from the contest as requested by kotomifan
  • Kentaro cute and kinda sexy in a quaint way
  • SimMan interesting idea but somehow I think she is a distant cousin of Kotomi instead of sister
    • kotomifan I see what you mean, picture-wise. But the dynamic of a character acting as an obstacle to dating would not be as plausible if she was a distant cousin.
  • Keiryu I think people take my words to literall...Seriously everyone just does as i say it...I wonder if i start saying they should make a "Gender-Bending half alien prostitute from planet Uranus" would people actually try and make it...

    I like the "Idea" sadly it's not really original it's just taking what in this case i said before...Sadly with a lot of things that could be improved on.

    For example think long term you have a younger character that means you could go as far as trying to get her/him in both Simgirls and Simgirls Lovemore she might not be dateable in the first game but maybe in the second one.

    Just think long term.
    • kotomifan Thank you for your feedback.

      I thought a character that would lower stats or stop dates might be fun. Tsukiko started out as Mako Iwasaki, a rival to Kotomi in the DNA2 manga. I was planning on Mako as an entry until I saw the "no DNA2 reference" rule. So I sat on the idea for a while. Then the comments about a younger character happened, and I swapped bitter same-age rival for bitter younger sister. I liked the result, but I respect that you disagree.
      • Keiryu Oh no i don't disagree i like the idea i mean i came up with it orignaly. However i meant a Younger Sister type for the Player/Primero and not for any of the Female cast.

        However what i think is that you could put more work into it you left it to open ended which seems to be the problem with most people they just leave to much out.

        So don't get me wrong i like the idea just not the "Final" product you presented.
        • kotomifan Yeah, I've got this idea that Kotomi walks in on her mother telling Tsukiko that her real father was an alien gigolo from Uranus.
          I hear you. Thanks!