Final Four? Let's see how they do on THIS court!
Already making plans for the FINALS!
  • SimMan The team captains are supposed to do some talking in the opening ceremony, or maybe before each match. Tian, Vodka, O, Shinchi, Xenos, King, Mia and Akira. Do you have ideas?
    • kotomifan I had a few thoughts:
      1) Show a brief scene that treats the opening SMA like a televised World Cup match. Have our lady interviewer start with "expert" Dan as the competitors march in.
      2) Have a brief scene where Player offers Sao the opportunity to address the team. Sao turns Player down, but offers to write something.
      3) Each team captain, save Player, makes a 1-2 sentence rally cry, in their unique character voice. That might be fun coming up with...
      4) Player addresses the team with Sao's speech. (S)He tells the team to start a new Apollyon legacy (a subtle dig at Primero), with examples of old and new athletes from other sports.
      5) Ruffus repeats his threat.
      • SimMan I like 1+3, the interviewer quickly introduce and interview with each Team Captain. It can be also served as a nice recap of the story so far. Please help...