Service With a Smile (A Lovemore Fanfic)
Shambala hotel was nicer than we had imagined. Soft beds, a nice view, and...
"Dude, they gave us liquor!"
I laughed. Sao had discovered the minibar.
"That's not free," I replied. "Most places that have a minibar will inventory it and charge you later."
"Well, find out how much it is," Sao replied. "I love the idea of a bottle of Jack right by my nightstand."
"Fine, I'll go downstairs and ask the concierge."
I could hear Sao plop down on the bed as I headed for the door.
"And ask her where all the hotties are."
The concierge smiled as I came out of the elevator.
"All set up there?"
She had a well rehearsed but friendly demeanor. I read her nametag.
"I think so, Cora. But I had a question. Do you have a listing of the charges for the minibar?"
"Why of course. There was a list in your packet, but I have plenty of copies."
She pulled out a sheet of paper as I tried to picture what she meant by a packet.
"You look confused. We still call it that, because we used to hand people a stack of paper. Now you just turn on the TV."
"OK, thanks."
I remembered Sao's words and turned to ask another question.
"Um, my friend and I are new here. Where would we go meet people?"
"For business, social, or for sex?"
"Excuse me?"
"This is an international hotel. We're quite aware that some people come to Shambala for business. Others may come for less professional reasons. And since we're all adults here, we just cut to the chase."
"And that information is on the TV?"
"Of course. Adult Specialty Services will appear on the menu once you disable the block. "
Adult Specialty Services. A. S. S?
"And what might I find in, um, ASS?"
She got the joke.
"Mostly, listings of services, directions to locations, and applicable coupons. It also frees up the adult services in room service."
"You have adult services in room service."
"Such as?"
"Today? It's cunninglingus and bondage submission."
I paused. "Today?"
"We're a bit short staffed, so to speak."
"So, a regular old blow job would be, when?"
"Let me see."
She make a couple of mouse clicks. Then, that familiar smile came up.
"Butch will be in tomorrow. Ten a.m. is free. Shall I put you down?"
"Um, no thanks. Would the cunninglingus person be willing to make an exception?"
She frowned, and started clicking at her computer.
"I mean, that service is not available today. But should you bring in a lady friend, she could charge it to the room."
"Well, thanks, you've been helpful."
The smile was back.
"Have a nice day."I was almost at the elevator when I thought I heard Cora say, "Poor Butch. She could have really used the money.
  • Keiryu Not bad. That closing scene was a very nice touch. Guess it is about time the Lovemore-ian stories start coming considering the game is finally out and the information about everyone can be gathered.
    • kotomifan Thanks. And I kept getting all of these ideas for the NPCs which I couldn't use before the game came out.
      • Keiryu It's always like that. Now that the game is out you will end up getting more and more ideas. Since we now get to actually know the characters on a more detailed level. Just keep doing what you do. As long as you post em i read em. ^_^
        • kotomifan The boss has created quite an interesting world. The people in it ought to be interesting, too. Thanks for your support.