Storm Front
The lone figure appeared on the edge of the park, surrounding the beach area. The sun baked down on his dark clothing, occasionally making one of the many metal pieces he was carrying gleam.
The figure had spent enough time on reconaissance, he figure, and it was time to strike.
Lilith had quickly established command of the lifeguard station. Her hires were young, mean men, and taut, surprising strong, women. She made them all disciples of the fitness center, where Yuki whipped them into shape. She also taught them all the common enemies of the lifeguard; the lecher, the drunk, and of course, the sea itself - a cold, unforgiving combination of enticing water and vicious undertow that had take the lives of many bathers and more than a few lifeguards.
She knew the figure had been around. She figured his intentions were far less than honorable; but on the other hand, she was intrigued by what lurked behind the yards of deep black cloth.
He was a bit more visible than usual. A leader of this station, she chose herself to investigate. Her lieutenant was nearby.
"One of these...things is not like the others, Eve." She directed the girl's vision toward the lurking one. "I'll take this one. He looks like he needs to change."
"Yes, ma'am."
This was no military operation, just one of respect. As the tattooed lass ascended the lifeguard chair, Lilith headed toward's the sand's edge.
Keir stood his ground as the vision came forward. Her clothes were her hair; long green locks that cascaded down her shoulders. A gunbelt covered her modesty while it performed its primary function.
"Was that the only suit in your size?"
Her voice was a low alto, tough but feminine. A voice that Odysseus may have heard as the sirens might have tried to coax him from the mast.
"My clothes function as yours do, to hold my weapons."
"We don't allow weapons on the beach."
"I'm not on the beach. Come closer, and you won't be, either."
Lilith looked behind her. Eve clearly had things under control. Assuming Poseiden wasn't hungry for the flesh of clueless tourists, she could step away for a moment.
She smiled as she took a step forward. Her hair bobbed, ever so slightly as she moved.
"We have a place to put your stuff, so you would be free to join us on the beach."
He reached a hand forward.
"Your hair..."
She thought about slapping his hand. But her hair did not mind the attention. Nor did she.
"Follow me."
Keir took it all in as she walked in front of him. The artistry of tattoo artists who had the fortune to have added their art to this canvas. The sheer power of her lower back and glutes as she moved forward. And yes, the hair, the color of the tropical ocean, dancing in the afternoon sun to the beat of her steady gait.
She led him into the dank locker room. The smell of hundreds of tourist lingered, but it was clear that they were alone. Once he cleared the door, he turned to lock it.
If the lock turning bothered Lilith, she did not let on.
"We'll need the cloak first," she commanded.
"I only take this off when I'm sleepy or when I'm dirty."
She stepped up to him and grasped the lapels.
"I do hope you're not sleepy."
He kissed her. Hard.
"And I'm not dirty."
She kissed him back, opening her mouth to his tongue.
She stepped back and leaned against the locker. The cold metal stung her warm skin, making her shudder.
"This is crazy."
"I like crazy," he replied. "They call me the Master of Insanity."
She dropped the gunbelt to her ankles, and stood naked before him.
"And they call me the Bitch That Won't Quit."
He lay his cloak on the bench next to the locker.
"You'll be happy to know, I only have one weapon left."
She looked down, and was pleased.
"And I know just where that goes."
He stepped between her legs and thrusted.
As he slowly invaded her, she remembered a dream she had. She lay naked on the shoreline, her knees up, and her feet in the sand. The waves started bringing their salty bite towards her toes, but she didn't care. More waves covered her in water and sea foam, but she didn't move. Not even when the storm clouds gathered. Then Poseidon himself stepped forward, and lowered himself into her, bellowing his pleasure in the voice of a hurricane, smashing everything around her as she took him in.
Keir's precious knives lay in his clothing. He had spent long hours, polishing his knives, and waiting for the opportunity to use them. In battle. For food. Whenever. The song of steel as is plunged into flesh was music to his ears. As their bodies joined, and green met black, the clash of their bodies against the locker resonated along the row of lockers, and echoed across the tile walls. But in the cavernous room, the song of steel was the backbeat, as the sound of flesh upon flesh took the solo.
When the pounding on the lockers ceased, he reached forward to run his hand through her hair. To his delight, a single strand stayed, laced around his finger.
"Will I see you again?" she murmured.
"When the moon is full, come to the edge of the water."
"With my toes in the sand, and my knees to the sky?"
He considered that image for a moment and was well pleased.
She kissed him one last time.
"Then I will wait for the storm."
  • Keiryu Oh my Lilith...Now this is what i call a match made in hell. Now i only need to break the mind of my little bluebird of happiness and everything would be perfect.

    Still i was not expecting to see this when i came here today. I am actually quite happy to see my mini-me get this trigger happy beauty. Thanks for that. ^_^
    • kotomifan You're wekcome. I figured when these two forces of nature got to together, there would be magic. Hope I did them justice.
      • Keiryu Less murder then i would have liked but i make an exception. I like Lilith to much to be bothered by that. ^_^