• Home of the hot buns
    I like big buns and I cannot lie....
  • Tassy's new suit?
    Unless Wawababi is the only one who can affort it...
    • SimMan Nice. I will keep this in mind
    • Keiryu Looks more like something Sana would wear...Then again at this point we can pretty much assume that every characters feels the most comortable when naked. Not counting my little Bluebird of Happiness...Imma put her in chains simply because it pleases me. ^_^
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  • A round of applause for SimMan has the Lovemore release date listed as tomorrow. And this game is light years beyond the "let's buy Tomoko stuff" game we all remember.
    I just wanted to say thank you to him for all the work he and his team have done to put this together. So, everyone, raise a glass, and remember why we're all here!
  • Tonight, I'm feeling bombdiggity!
    Hope everyone's having a great weekend.
    • Keiryu This shindig looks like the boomdiggity...DAMNIT!!! Never thought i would get .Hack// flashbacks from a shirt...
  • Tomoru's Out of Body Experience
    "What's the problem, Tomoru? You seem beside yourself with worry."
    "Yeah, I just don't feel like myself today."
    "Well, there's no need to beat yourself up. You'll just wear yourself down."
    "Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes, I just don't know whether I'm coming or going."
    "No problem. Remember, we're always on your side, even if you're not. So relax. Take a nice warm shower. You'll feel like a new person in no time!"

    • Keiryu IT'S MAGIC!!!

      Then again we are talking about a world that allows people to come back looking completly diffrent then before....Looking at you S-Man...So yeah would it really be so hard to imagine that it is simply someone who looks acts and behaves like her. Yet is not her.

      Oh well a guy can dream.
    • SimMan Finish me off mortal kombat style
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  • Never! :)
    Great news! 3.4 works like a charm, and a two-bit (OK, PCI3 16) video card fixed the bald topless problem.

    I'm well on my way to a disgustingly messy Sapphic affair with our red tressed lady in blue!
  • Campfire Tales
    Yuki and Gabriela had just gotten their no-fat lattes at the coffee bar, when they saw the new barista, sitting alone, looking kind of sad.Yuki motioned to Gabriela, then nodded at the girl."Let's do our good deed for the day."They walked over."May we join you?""Since you're not a man, be my guest."The pink haired girl looked up, with tear stained eyes."Ah, I knew there was a man involved," said Gabriela as she sat down."Isn't it always?" Yuki agreed."Well, it's just us girls here. I'm Gabby, this is Yuki."
    "Marta." Gabriela took a sip. "What did the bastard do?"
    "What didn't he do?" Marta took a long sip of her drink and sat it down. "The man's a perfect gentleman on the Internet. The first time we meet, he has his part of the marriage license filled out, and talks about our honeymoon. THIS place."
    "It's not so bad here."
    "Here, yes. It's much better than Kiev. Less bombs, less terrorists, less radiation. But the Lone Ranger's idea of a honeymoon is camping."
    "It was not so bad, at first. Night we got here, we got a bottle of wine, and made some sexy pictures. Second night, we met a couple and their son. Us ladies went into town, and I got back late.
    Third night, the other man has the idea of telling ghost stories around the campfire. The first few were more funny than scary. Billy and the grownups go back to our tent for more wine. So it's the boy's turn."
    She shook her head.
    "He starts talking about how aliens hover over people and steal them. Silly right? They yell down, we are coming to get you, and people reply back, I'm coming. The spacecraft sucks the people right off the ground.
    So then he says, 'There's this lady that was here last night. And the aliens came. And she starts yelling, I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming!' ".
    Kid looks at me and says, "I run over to your tent. And there's this poor lady on the ground. She's hollering, probably because the aliens must have gotten her clothes already. So she's yelling, but then this brave man tries to save her. He jumps right on her. Then he keeps pushing her down. Keeps moving his hips to keep her there. She sure seemed happy about it, too because she kept kissing him.
    About this time, good old Billy shows up. Kid gets a big smile on his face, and says, 'Go on, mister. Tell them how you saved that red haired lady from the aliens."
    "So what did you do?"
    "I kicked Han Solo in the nuts, and took my pink-haired fanny back to civilization."
    • Keiryu Haha. Not bad. While i prefer the scarier type of campfire tales. I do admit the more ridicilous they are the funnier sometimes.

      But hey she gotta look at the bright side of things. She is now on an island with Hot chicks, hot guys, playboys, Mcmoneybags, psychopaths, mad scientists and more. She just has to get used to perverts early on and enjoy this little slice of hell they call Shambala^_^
  • Bug in Battle, February 26 (vs. Tyron's team)
    I had a saved game that started in late February. Spent the Saturday before the battle with Dea, and everything went well.

    Started in the battle with four 9999 warriors, plus myself.
    1st melee, two of my team put hits on Tyren, and he hit us. He had 5 members on his team, including himself, on his team in round 1. We only hit Tyren.
    2nd melee, his team vanished except for him and one other member, who was at 5000 points. (Did I mention, we never touched anyone on his team?)

    Lenus dispatched Tyren (he's pretty good at that), leaving my favorite redhead to battle the 5000 point guy. She selected a two-green-gem hit on the guy, but was never able to designate him as the hit-ee. Nor could she select the now dead Tyren, or any of the cowards that didn't make it to the second melee. End Turn didn't work either.
    Only option, end game. 
    • SimMan Not sure if it is connected to the Nude Female Player bug that somehow fails to display some graphics on your device.
  • Storm Front
    The lone figure appeared on the edge of the park, surrounding the beach area. The sun baked down on his dark clothing, occasionally making one of the many metal pieces he was carrying gleam.
    The figure had spent enough time on reconaissance, he figure, and it was time to strike.
    Lilith had quickly established command of the lifeguard station. Her hires were young, mean men, and taut, surprising strong, women. She made them all disciples of the fitness center, where Yuki whipped them into shape. She also taught them all the common enemies of the lifeguard; the lecher, the drunk, and of course, the sea itself - a cold, unforgiving combination of enticing water and vicious undertow that had take the lives of many bathers and more than a few lifeguards.
    She knew the figure had been around. She figured his intentions were far less than honorable; but on the other hand, she was intrigued by what lurked behind the yards of deep black cloth.
    He was a bit more visible than usual. A leader of this station, she chose herself to investigate. Her lieutenant was nearby.
    "One of these...things is not like the others, Eve." She directed the girl's vision toward the lurking one. "I'll take this one. He looks like he needs to change."
    "Yes, ma'am."
    This was no military operation, just one of respect. As the tattooed lass ascended the lifeguard chair, Lilith headed toward's the sand's edge.
    Keir stood his ground as the vision came forward. Her clothes were her hair; long green locks that cascaded down her shoulders. A gunbelt covered her modesty while it performed its primary function.
    "Was that the only suit in your size?"
    Her voice was a low alto, tough but feminine. A voice that Odysseus may have heard as the sirens might have tried to coax him from the mast.
    "My clothes function as yours do, to hold my weapons."
    "We don't allow weapons on the beach."
    "I'm not on the beach. Come closer, and you won't be, either."
    Lilith looked behind her. Eve clearly had things under control. Assuming Poseiden wasn't hungry for the flesh of clueless tourists, she could step away for a moment.
    She smiled as she took a step forward. Her hair bobbed, ever so slightly as she moved.
    "We have a place to put your stuff, so you would be free to join us on the beach."
    He reached a hand forward.
    "Your hair..."
    She thought about slapping his hand. But her hair did not mind the attention. Nor did she.
    "Follow me."
    Keir took it all in as she walked in front of him. The artistry of tattoo artists who had the fortune to have added their art to this canvas. The sheer power of her lower back and glutes as she moved forward. And yes, the hair, the color of the tropical ocean, dancing in the afternoon sun to the beat of her steady gait.
    She led him into the dank locker room. The smell of hundreds of tourist lingered, but it was clear that they were alone. Once he cleared the door, he turned to lock it.
    If the lock turning bothered Lilith, she did not let on.
    "We'll need the cloak first," she commanded.
    "I only take this off when I'm sleepy or when I'm dirty."
    She stepped up to him and grasped the lapels.
    "I do hope you're not sleepy."
    He kissed her. Hard.
    "And I'm not dirty."
    She kissed him back, opening her mouth to his tongue.
    She stepped back and leaned against the locker. The cold metal stung her warm skin, making her shudder.
    "This is crazy."
    "I like crazy," he replied. "They call me the Master of Insanity."
    She dropped the gunbelt to her ankles, and stood naked before him.
    "And they call me the Bitch That Won't Quit."
    He lay his cloak on the bench next to the locker.
    "You'll be happy to know, I only have one weapon left."
    She looked down, and was pleased.
    "And I know just where that goes."
    He stepped between her legs and thrusted.
    As he slowly invaded her, she remembered a dream she had. She lay naked on the shoreline, her knees up, and her feet in the sand. The waves started bringing their salty bite towards her toes, but she didn't care. More waves covered her in water and sea foam, but she didn't move. Not even when the storm clouds gathered. Then Poseidon himself stepped forward, and lowered himself into her, bellowing his pleasure in the voice of a hurricane, smashing everything around her as she took him in.
    Keir's precious knives lay in his clothing. He had spent long hours, polishing his knives, and waiting for the opportunity to use them. In battle. For food. Whenever. The song of steel as is plunged into flesh was music to his ears. As their bodies joined, and green met black, the clash of their bodies against the locker resonated along the row of lockers, and echoed across the tile walls. But in the cavernous room, the song of steel was the backbeat, as the sound of flesh upon flesh took the solo.
    When the pounding on the lockers ceased, he reached forward to run his hand through her hair. To his delight, a single strand stayed, laced around his finger.
    "Will I see you again?" she murmured.
    "When the moon is full, come to the edge of the water."
    "With my toes in the sand, and my knees to the sky?"
    He considered that image for a moment and was well pleased.
    She kissed him one last time.
    "Then I will wait for the storm."
    • Keiryu Oh my Lilith...Now this is what i call a match made in hell. Now i only need to break the mind of my little bluebird of happiness and everything would be perfect.

      Still i was not expecting to see this when i came here today. I am actually quite happy to see my mini-me get this trigger happy beauty. Thanks for that. ^_^
  • Game Night
    Sirena entered the front door of the casino the way she had a hundred times before, like she owned the place. It was her playground - the croupiers knew her, as did the floor girls and the entertainers.
    She sauntered down the red carpet, glancing briefly at the chandelier, as the din of a hundred one armed bandits competed for her attention.
    It's probably why she did not see or hear a figure come up. The figure grabbed her arm and headed her towards the poker tables.
    "That hurt, Karl-Heinz. What's wrong with you?"
    The croupier held his finger to his lips.
    "Patience, Liebchen. You need to go somewhere out of the way for a moment."
    "But why?"
    He brought her to the cloakroom.
    "I take it you haven't been on the Freedomwall today."
    "Why would I need to be?"
    He held up his tablet.
    "Because you are the star of the show. Somebody posted footage of your little strip pool game on there, and it's gone viral. Men have been coming in all day looking for you."
    "Policemen? Vodka?"
    "Nobody like that."
    "Then who?"
    "Just men. All sorts of men."
    He pointed to the nearby poker tables.
    "There's a bunch of businessmen from Yokohama who are waiting for you. They want you to join their poker game. Their strip poker game."
    "There's this British gent over by the dart boards. Introduced himself as Reggie the darts guru. He'll spot you a hundred if you play strip darts with him."
    "Well that ain't happening."
    "There's more. Every pool table in the place is booked. All of them want to be your next strip pool opponent, The bid has gone up to eight thousand."
    "Why eight thousand?"
    "I told them twenty percent goes to the house."
    "You mean your pocket."
    Sirena rolled her eyes.
    "Honestly, Karl-Heinz. You're a bigger con than I am. And the most you're getting is 10."
    She surveyed the tables. "So who's the lucky guy?"
    "Well, there's one I haven't told you about yet. The rumpled man in the corner."
    Sirena observed a heavyset man, dressed all in a white linen suit. His upper lip was in desperate need of a shave, as his mustache spilled on either side.
    "He wants to pay you eighty...I mean, ninety thousand to play his game."
    "Which is what, strip pie-eating?"
    "Afraid not."
    Karl-Heinz frowned a bit.
    • Keiryu I am a fairly good gambler. But i don't know if even i would be able to gamble with Leapfroging...Just seems odd to me and that is saying something.
  • Another Day at the Office
    Dea was concluding her morning meditation when O came by.
    "You need to talk to the acolytes, Oliver and Ofelia. They were overheard arguing again."
    "I know. But what can I do?"
    "I know what I'd do," said the senior cleric. "But then you won't learn anything."
    He handed her a tablet. "Go on the Freedomwall or anywhere on the net. Look up management techniques."
    He started naming a few, all of which had very professional, very boring names. Dea nodded, then took the tablet to the garden to study. She soon found her answer.
    She went back inside the temple. Finding Oliver in a nearby alcove, she told him to follow him outside.
    They located Ofelia in a patch of flowers.
    "It's a beautiful day in the universe!" exclaimed Ophelia. She wore the traditional monk's hood, and little else.
    "If you're a mosquito," Oliver retorted, swatting flies with his heavy sleeves.
    Dea looked at the tablet.
    "OK, I think it's time we had...a meeting."
    "A meeting?" Oliver grunted.
    "Yeah, a meeting." Ofelia scoffed. "Where evil industialists go into boardrooms and cut the world into pieces."
    Dea was taken aback, but continued.
    "I would like to start by going around the..."
    There was no table. Or room.
    "By going around in circles!"
    Ofelia put her hands up and twirled.
    "I'll start."
    Oliver pointed to the spinning girl.
    "She's out of uniform!"
    "It's hot out here," Ofelia replied. " Anyway, uniforms are designed to make us look alike. My not wearing one is making a statement."
    "Yeah it does. It says Look at me, I'm naked!"
    "And what's wrong with that?"
    "Out here, there's people trying to think. And inside," Oliver pointed to the temple."Inside are people meditating. Concentrating. You can't just prance down the halls undressed- it's distracting. I can't form a ball of energy when I'm distracted."
    Ofelia stipped spinning and looked at Oliver.
    "So I can't walk into the temple like this because it breaks your balls."
    Dea tried not to laugh.
    "It's not balls, it's..."
    "My choice of clothing gets in the way of you playing with your balls."
    Really trying.
    "It's not playing, it's..."
    She put her hands on her hips, elbows out. "Well, I would hate for my body to get between you and your balls!"
    Dea was now laughing. Oliver was not.
    "That does it! You are a menace!"
    "And you are an industrialist!"
    "What? I'm a temple guardian!"
    "In a factory made garment spun from factory made thread. Me, I have the carbon footprint of a butterfly."
    "At least I'm not an exhibitionist. Maybe we should charge a cover when you garden. Or you can take donations in singles."
    De raised her hands, as if in prayer.
    "It has come to me what we should do."
    She turned to Ofelia. "When you come onto the temple, there will be some robes available. When you leave orgo back out to the garden, you can leave it here."
    "You," she said to Oliver. "Will respect Ofelia's clothing choices in the garden."
    "And both of you. Starting with tomorrow, each seventh day will be a day free of strict uniform requirements. Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Agreed?"

    O caught up with Dea later.
    "Are things resolved?"
    "Not a problem."
    "Good.. So, which of the management techniques did you end up using?"
    "They call it...Casual Friday,"
    • Keiryu Ahh yes the temple guardians....I still want to slaughter those cultist f**ks...

      Oh well we can't have everything now can we....F**king cultists...-_-
  • Is the Water Ready?
    I looked at the door to the hot springs and sighed. The trip to the mall was now just a bad memory, and I acknowledged that I might have to pay five grand to get my team back.
    The woman on the phone had been very knowledgeable, but had said that the five thousand purchase price was non negotiable. I thought I could make a better case if I went down there.
    I walk in, through the out door. The front office was quiet, save a young girl at the desk. She was leaning back, taking pictures of her legs using her phone.
    I walked up.
    She took a second to save her pictures, then turned to me.
    "May I help you?"
    "I was speaking with your manager, about the synergy soak. Is she in?"
    "I was the one you talked to. It was yesterday, just before sunset."
    "Oh, sorry."
    "No apologies necessary. This is my place. Well, mine and the bank's."
    She stood up. She wore a plain, loose fitting smock. The desk covered her from the waist down. Without saying a word, or even breaking eye contact, she gathered her dress under her hands, reached under, and yanked her panties down.
    I assumed the dress covered her nethers, as I was afraid to stop looking at her eyes.
    "Thanks for not staring. It's always awkward when people stare."
    She lay the white panties flat on the table. She took a picture of them with her phone, then reached for an envelope.
    "Since you were too nice to look yourself, the color was black."
    "What do you mean?"
    "The pubes, not the panties. Some of the older gents practically fall over the desk trying to peek."
    "Um, thank you. So the synergy soak..."
    "Last two hours of the night. The place is yours, including the main tub, the whirlpools and both lockers.. Lotions are complimentary, devices are an extra charge."
    She pointed to a glass case of marital aids.
    "Everything that money can buy. I can't rent them to others, obviously. They're not bowling shoes. And some clients get squeamish, so it's easier to make them optional."
    She opened the drawer, and pulled out some stamps and another pair of panties.
    "I stay here in case you need emergency services. If people can drown in an inch of water, they can sure drown in a large hot tub."
    She wriggled as she put the new panties on. Then her phone rang.
    "One moment."
    She put her phone to her ear. I could hear heavy breathing and moaning.
    "Um, sir, you called too early. Sir?"
    There was the sound of fumbling.
    "Yes," I heard a man say.
    "Baby, you're much too fast. Call this number back in five minutes. Shall I use the card on file?"
    "OK. Bye, stud!"
    She looked at me.
    "Wrong number."
    "So, it's five thousand mimimum?"
    "Plus devices. Plus beverages. I don't want to pull shattered liquor bottle glass out of the drain. It would be nice if you tipped me for staying."
    "This is quite a bit."
    "Things that are worth it, cost money. This place cost a lot to get, and a lot to maintain. And these?"
    She pulled her neckline down to show her boobs.
    "Paid in installment. I do not want the repo man getting his hands on these."
    "Still, five Gs?"
    "Businesses usually just expense it as medical or training costs. There's this brain surgeon that signs off on rehab. He's a lifesaver. You don't want to be downwind from him, though. Is this a business?"
    "SMA team."
    "Usually the sponsors pick up the tab. Who are you with?"
    She smiled. "New to the team?"
    "Yeah. Why?"
    "Tell Mister Lovemore cash only, up front. We know better than to wait for him to pay up."
    I stood in silence for a moment. She went back to her drawer, this time pulling out a couple of batteries. She loaded them in the end of an imposing, day glo green device. She switched it on, and it came to life, its opposite end bobbing like the head of an impatient racehorse.
    She switched it off.
    "Look," she said. "I've been to the arena. You don't want to go on the pitch all by yourself, do you?"
    "So what is it worth for you to have Team Apollyon behind you?"
    "Quite a bit, I'd imagine."
    "Well, to me, my friend, it's worth five thousand. Cash."
    "Guess I don't have a choice."
    "Just sign your name on the dotted line."
    "I only have two thousand."
    "Bring the rest when you come."
    I put two grand on the table along with the form.
    "Is there a particular time that you're comfortable with?"
    "Well, it's Saturday night, so ten should be about right."
    "See you then."
    Just as I walked out, I heard her phone ring.
    She listened.
    "Yes, Mr. President. Yes, as always, the first three minutes are free. I take it this card had money on it?"
    A pause.
    "Fine then. Shall we begin?"
    • Keiryu Yeah brain surgeons sure are lifesavers. Now excuse me while i stab this guy in the eyeball. ^_^
  • Lost and Found
    Sao and I were at a low point with our team, after losing a fight in the street against an opponent we must have underestimated.
    Sao got that big smile of his, the one he always gets when ideas come in his head.
    "I got it!"
    "The team's got girls. Girls love malls and shopping. Let's get the whole team something."
    "Like what?"
    "I don't know - we'll figure it out when we get there."
    Well, it beat his last idea, for a pool party at the Hot Springs. The woman running the place took one look at me and said five grand. Five thousand? Really?
    "And what do I get for that?"
    "Everybody relaxes."
    I figured I could do the same thing with a few bottles of Jack, so I moved on.
    The mall was big and drafty, and full of stuff I didn't want to buy. And it was getting late, so I was tired.
    The cheery girl behind the "Shoppers Helper" desk had hair the color of bubble gum and a jumper that looked like she watched shows about purple dinosaurs.
    "Hi, I'm Nina. May I help you find something?"
    It was a voice that suggested she had been doing helium hits between customers.
    "Look, I'm losing my friend's interest and I need them on my side. What would you suggest?"
    "What are your friend's interests?"
    I never paid much attention to that, to be honest.
    "I don't know, maybe I just lost interest in my friend's interests, so I can't think of any. Maybe that's why they lost interest. Do you know where I get some more interests?"
    She looked at me funny.
    "Bad joke. I seem to be losing my sense of humor."
    "We don't have humor here. Shoes, rings, and toys, but no humor."
    "Um, well, to be honest, I'm losing my team's confidence in me, and I'm about to lose my mind."
    "We don't have minds here. Or teams. Just chocolate and perfume."
    She got all snooty all of a sudden. Two can play at that game.
    "I'm kind of tired, because I'm all out of action points. Where would I go for them?"
    "For what?"
    "Action points."
    "We don't have those."
    "How about skill points? Honor points?"
    "I have no idea, sir."
    "And I'm losing love points from my lover. I don't think chocolate and perfume's gonna do it. Do you sell love?"
    "Most certainly not!"
    "Well, I think you're about to lose a customer. And you don't appear to have much of those lying around."
    Her face was about as red as her hair.
    Sao came up behind me. "What's wrong with you two?"
    "Oh, nothing," I replied. "I just lost my patience with this place."
    "Well, no sense losing your cool."
    "Maybe if your friend had asked for something that we might have. Something that's not a concept or a feeling."
    Sao smiled. "I'd say you both lost your temper. Do you have THAT here?"
    I laughed.
    She didn't.
    "Forget this place, Sao," I said. "All it did was cause us to lose time."
    "And for you to lose your marbles."
    "Marbles?" The girls straightened up. "We have marbles. In the robot store."
    "Sorry, lady," I replied. "I think it's kind of a lost cause at this point."
    "Yeah," Sao chimed in. "I wouldn't lose sleep over it."
    "Well, you might find what you're looking for beyond those doors over there."
    Sao looked over.
    "Those are the exit doors."
    "We get it," I said as I realized what she suggested. "You want US to get lost."
    • Keiryu A shop without mind is a shop for my kind. Who knows maybe it's owned by me and that girl is just me in disguise. :D

      Then again just a look at her face in that picture and you can tell she has my "Rapey" look. ^_^
  • Wanted Dead or Whatever
    Jacques didn't normally handle criminal law, but he was required to do pro bono work by Shambala law. And while a murder trial might be a long process elsewhere, a death happening during a fight between consenting gang members was a relatively cut and dried affair.Officer Lovemore was working the desk as he came in. The little ginger minx is easy in the eyes, he thought, as he sauntered up to the desk. After she zapped the dossier to his tablet, he made a point of pretending to read the dossier, while making mental notes on how well she fit her uniform top."So, tell me what you know about Mister... Ugly Mofo."
    "23 years old, born in Perth Australia. Given name Lester Moore Fraser."
    "All listed on the first three pages."
    "And the victim is?"
    "Vincent Willoughby. Or as he's known here, Purple Dog."
    "I see. He's a fellow gangbanger?"
    "Of course. was."

    Jacques walked into the holding area, and was directed to his client.
    "Mr. Fraser?"
    "OK, Mr. Mofo. Have a seat. This shouldn't take long."
    "This being Shambala, do you have any special abilities?"
    "Like what?"
    "Elemental skills?"
    "I passed elementary school. Only took three tries."
    "I mean, like air, fire, water..."
    "When I hit people they go down."
    "And did that happen here?"
    "Sorta. Dog didn't stay down. So I kept hitting him until he stopped getting up."
    "Was Mr. Willoughby alive or dead when you left?"
    "You mean Purple Dog? He was pretty far gone, I guess. Did you see the pictures?"
    "I have them here in the folder. Pretty bad."
    "But not half as bad as the videos on Freedomwall."
    "They're on Freedomwall?"
    Jacques went to the site. There was his client. There was the victim, and the author was...MOFO.
    "We need to get those videos off!"
    "Why, man? It's trending!"
    "I have a meeting with the prosecutor and the judge. I can only hope the courthouse has bad bandwidth."

    The judge was extremely lenient. 90 days in jail, or 4 weekends on road crew, picking trash up off the roads, including the remains of Vincent Willoughby. His client's answer surprised him.
    "I'll take the 90 days."
    "No phones in lockup. But road crew? People see you in that orange outfit, and it's all over the net. I'll be mocked until I'm old. Like thirty."
    "90 days it is."

    Klaire was working the desk when Jacques came out.
    "My client decided to go with lockup."
    "Doesn't surprise me. Nobody wants to be on a roadcrew now that the meme's gone viral."
    "Well, thank your department for their work. It must have been a struggle bringing him in."
    "Not at all. He saw his mugshot on a Wanted poster, didn't like the picture, so he came in to have it retaken."
    "So image is pretty much everything these days."
    "Pretty much. People are used to being online 24/7."
    "I see. I guess my work here is done."
    "Yep. Back to your commute downtown and your mansion on Cacella Drive overlooking the cliffs."
    "I beg your pardon."
    "After I saw you checking out my profile, I decided to check up on yours."
    "So what else do you know?"
    "You're single, not online much, and that big old hot tub on your back deck must be chilly with only one person in it."
    She took a pencil and a piece of paper.
    "There's my number. I'm off at eight."
    • Keiryu Mofo is my kind of guy. When you hit something really hard it usually stays down. If that fails...HIT HARDER!!! Only diffrence is i personaly prefer to use my Rusty Trusty Knify.

      Plus. I think i would have taken lockup myself. Less because i would be ashamed but more because it would be a nice vaccation.
  • Peak Performance
    I woke up that morning knowing that I had a long day ahead of me. I had some work to do at the bank tomorrow, and the boss lady was a stickler for time.  Working there started early in the morning and lasted all day. It wasn't all bad- the boss lady, Connie, always wore these short little dresses and that ass of hers fit just great inside them. Many's the time I wanted to put Connie on the desk and balance her books.

    The sun was setting on the horizon as we all walked out of the bank building. I heard my name, and I turned to see Connie beckoning me to stay.
    "It's evaluation day, and I haven't had you in here yet. We need to talk about your performance."
    Evals. I dreaded the word. I could only hope whatever she said wouldn't stop my employment there. For all my bitching, it was my most steady paycheck.

    Her office was like I imagined it - gorgeous view of the harbor, all light and glass. She motioned for me to have a seat, and then she had a seat behind her desk.
    "I'm not sure if you remember this," she started. "But I recall telling you that I view intelligence above all qualities. Do you think you've held up your end?"
    I agreed. "I'd say so."
    "So would I. In fact, I'm considering you for a management position. But it requires much more that merely showing up to work."
    She stood up, then walked over to my chair. I could feel a finger trace along my shoulders as she walked behind me.
    "Do you know why this place is never open at night?"
    I had not thought about it. "Why?"
    "Because when I came here, I had nothing. Nothing  but the clothes on my back. And sometimes in the old country, I had to leave my clothes behind to make my money. So when everyone else is gone, and it's only me, do you know what I do?"
    She picked up a stack of Shambalian banknotes.
    "I spread this currency over the floor and roll naked in the banknotes. Picture that in your mind. What do you think of that?"
    "I think you've earned that right."
    "Well said."
    Connie walked back to her desk and looked at me. She smiled as she walked away, ever so slightly hiking her short skirt up her thigh.
    "For you to be a manager, I need someone that can appreciate my assets."
    She walked to the window.
    I walked up behind her, and placed my hand on her thigh. I drew it up closer to her moneymaker, as I placed a kiss on her neck.
    She moved away, and turned toward me.
    "I need someone who can...configure my points."
    I kissed her. She kissed back, then ever so slightly, pushed against me. I freed her chest from her dress in record time, pulling it to the floor.My tongue did all the configuring work, bringing her nips to a point, and running my credit line down to her black panties.
    She stepped out of her panties herself, then leaned back on the desk. She scooted that wonderous ass of hers onto the center of her desk, then spread her legs wide.
    "I need someone to come...pound my interest."
    "With pleasure."
    I stepped out of my banker's clothes and into her embrace. Her legs gripped me from behind as I penetrated her marketplace.
    "How...would you" I rasped, as my surges sent her into ecstasy.
    "I warn you," she moaned. "There will be...a substantial penalty for early withdrawal."
    "I don't...forecast...that happening..."
    "Excellent!" she shrieked. "Because...I...can't show bottom line!"
    • Keiryu Haha. Those puns ae killing me. I love it. I am literally laughing my ass off. This is by far the best one of the Lovemore series so far. Just great. ^_^