Dear Simman: Ami wants some action
Sim Man. This is Ami.
Here I am, in the bedroom of the guy I've had a crush in for ages. I'm one pulled bedsheet away from finding out if he's got morning wood. And the first words out of my mouth are, "Let's go to school!" I mean, really?
OK, maybe the second time. How about the third time? Hmmm. Knowledge up, Relationship up. What about skirt up? Shirt up? Getting it up?
Pants down? Going down? A woman's got needs, Sim Man!

But you have a scene, you say. Yeah, I believe the Kama Sutra called that position the "Upended Turtle." It also differs from Player's scenes with the others, in part because there's no Player in it.
So, let's make a scene. Now where would one put a Player and Ami scene? Let's see. You'd need both people (check) alone (check) after a Lover status has been achieved (check). And...a bed (check). or even a dungeon, complete with chains (check check check). Well, maybe we can work up to that.
And you know, while we're talking here, I wouldn't mind spending an extra day or two with the illustrator to maintain those ladylike curves and cleavage I had on Underwear Day.
I'll bet Player has a free day between now and day 100 for special scene. (Love what you did on Day 72 with Kotomi, BTW). I'm free. I've got all the time in the world. I do have a time machine, after all.

I'm not bitter. Maybe a tad jealous, though. Look what Kotomi, Karin, and Tomoko can do now. Even the woman in the toilet paper dress gets lucky. I think it's my turn, don't you agree?
Now why don't I lock your bedroom door, ditch the overalls, get you to scoot over, and let's see how much I can raise your...relationship points.
Better idea- let's just do something, H!
  • Soham Banerjee This is by far your best writing.The whole letter is so organised.Its witty,funny & naughty yet adorable.
    I love it.I hope Ami continue to write such letters
  • Soham Banerjee The Most favourite SimGirls poll is not giving wring info. However,I do feel that most players voted on the basis of gameplay.
    Tomoko has the complete & fleshedout storyline amongst all the girls.
    Kotomi & Karin has very little storyline & scenes.I guess they are obvious choices for cute girl lovers.

    After that,the choice is just random.Akira & Sana has little involvement but they have their H scenes.
    I guess the lack of both H & Non H scenes,zero dating,interactivity made Ami the least favourite girl.
    But I can bet that if Ami gets full storyline in future,she can easily beat Sana & Akira
    • Natsu Dragneel exactly Soham, Ami can beat them. Well, Ami is simgirl, one of the 4 main girl characters. Akira and Sana are nice, but they are just "background"
    • kotomifan The game itself may be the strongest influence. Remember playing the car minigame, just to watch Ami die anyway? It took a while to like Ami again. With Junta now as a helper, Ami could have a whole new story arc to herself. Sana's evolution from store clerk to model could also be fleshed out. And other ladies, DNA2 related or not, can always spice up the mix!
  • Soham Banerjee I will share my views about SimGirls Poll later. I previously shared the whole Idea of Ami in this post

    You just need to see all the comments (& Click on More) in order to see that. I would be interested to know your feedback
  • Natsu Dragneel HAHAHAHA, this is great, i really laughed much. Dungeon with chains, i like it :D I agree with you, well, i like Kotomi and Ami the most, so why i shouldn't. But unfortunately, poll is saying something else :(
  • SimMan Hey Ami, if I have more time later, I will definitely give you more freedom in the game. Unfortunately according to the latest poll: , I will need to give some supports to other girls Karin, Kotomi, Sana and Akira first. Please forgive me. I do love you.
    • Aetrun Sir, I would like to point out that the poll you reference only asks who our favorite is. Ami may not be the favorite Simgirl, but that does not mean she would rank last in who we wish to see more of. I personally would love to spend more quality time with her.
      • SimMan Yes I can see the difference but there is still a correlation? Even we have a new poll asking the specific question, I bet Sana and Akira will still get more vote than Ami.
        • Natsu Dragneel Unfortunately for us, short hair and childhood best friends lovers, i must agree with that poll thing, BUT we can try new poll and we'll see (just don't write Tomoko in the poll). I don't mind if Akira get new scenes, but Tomoko has really many scenes, co maybe we could skip her this time. And i don't really like Sana, but new scenes with her, why not. Everyone likes different types of girls, so we can't really agree on one or two girls. Last word have you SimMan and it's up to you, but that new poll without Tomoko would be nice.
      • kotomifan I agree. Maybe the question could be something like, "Which Simgirl could use a new scene?" or "Which Simgirl would you redo next?"
      • Natsu Dragneel you got a point, maybe new poll?
  • Kash I just admire your reasoning :-)