Dear Simman: Kotomi wants to tidy up
This is Kotomi. First off, love what you did with Day 72. In fact, I love it so much, I wish it was the scene immediately after Player and I fall in love! It's tender, it's romantic, and what girl wouldn't prefer a warm bed to an office building? Plus, I don't have to explain the holes in my leotard!

Now I'd hate to leave a hole in your calendar, so here's a scenario that might fit on that day:

Player and Kotomi swing by the studio with a fresh batch of supplies. After changing some light bulbs, Player picks up the camera to make sure the flash works. He points the lens towards Kotomi. "Smile!"
The flash catches her off guard. She smiles shyly.
He takes a few more; Kotomi smiles, then holds her hands up.
"Stop. I need my hair and makeup. And costumes."
"Do you need costumes?"
She takes a hold of the fabric of her workout clothes, as if to show him. "You mean, wear this?"
"Or not."
She turns away. "I'll be right back."

A few minutes later, she comes out in a French maid costume. "Oo la la!" She giggles as she steps back into the shot.
"I didn't know you had this costume."
"I didn't either. But isn't it perfect?"
"Well, let's see what you can do with it."
Kotomi poses in various cheesy positions, as if cleaning and mopping and scrubbing. Then she holds her hands up.
"Now for the grand finale!" she laughs as she darted off camera.

She emerges with a feather duster. She starts again with the exaggerated poses. Just as quickly, she stops and faces the camera. She places the duster in front of her crotch as she eases her dress up. Clearly, she had left her panties off camera. She does other variations, popping her top under the duster, and giving the same sparse coverage to her exposed bottom.

Player takes the duster from her, and runs the feathers up her thigh to her ass. Multiple feathers on both of her sweet spots drives her absolutely insane. Finally, she cannot hold it any longer.
She farts. "Oh, my."
"No problem, we'll just have to clean you up." He rolls her on her back, unties her sash, and unbuttons her uniform. As her chest and belly appear, he pretends to clean them with the duster. She squeals as she attempts to stop his tickling. Her resulting pose is so sexy, that he reaches back and to take more pictures. She responds in kind, slowly slipping off the costume until she is in nothing but stockings and the hat.
She sits, knees up, leaning on her elbows. She affects a French accent. "What shall I clean now, sir?"
"Nothing." Player slips his pants off. Joining her on the ground, he parts her knees and slips right in. "It's time for your big tip!"

Again, props to Soham for the pic. Hope you don't mind the tweak!