Dear SimMan: Junta Wants to Hang Out
I am Junta. I was the star of DNA2. I know many of the people here, and I'm obviously familiar with the neighborhood.
My job here is second string help guy.
The woman behind me is Akira. She teaches. She boxes. She models and runs a modeling agency. She fixes communication devices.
I sit here.
She also gets naked with both guys and girls.
I don't get to leave the classroom.

Now, I've asked Mr. Storyboy here to find me a role. It's not much of one, but it's worth considering. Here goes:

Day 2:
Begin the "special day" with me, Junta, not Akira, chatting up Player.
We're sitting, back of the classroom. Teacher sits on her desk. Player says something like, "I've never seen a teacher with such short skirts."
"She's got the figure for it," I say. "They say she still models."
"She could model for me."
"She won't, though. But she has another secret you should know about."
So, I tell him about the fight club/ gym/ bathroom with a punching bag.
Then, I offer to meet him after school at the front entrance and we go.
I introduce him to Bloody King, the club owner, who talks about the level of training and the punching bag. You might even show a picture of Ryuuji and Snakeman sparring.
He introduces Player to his would--be instructor, who Player recognizes as Akira. He scoffs at the idea of a female sensei, whereupon she quickly kicks his ass.
As I'm laughing and picking Player off the ground, I mention that the onsite "trainer" has a special service. $100 a session. End scene.

Every day after that, I could be your reminder guy. Not just for test stuff, either. Click on me, and I could have a one-day window on any event. "Hey, isnt there a swim meet tomorrow?"
Also, as a friend to the girls, I might be good for free facts. "I hear Kotomi like noodle soup."
I might even have a pic or two on my phone or insight into Karin's whereabouts when she flees to the slums.

Come on, SimMan. You took all my powers and my girls away and trapped me in a classroom forever with a hot teacher who likes women. Can't I have a little fun?
  • kotomifan I see Junta as a wingman, not a threat. He had his chance in DNA2 and went 0 for 4. If Ami becomes a legitimate date prospect, Junta could move in as helper. I always saw Player as the ideal Junta, who gets it right.
    I also saw the Fight Club movie, and I'll bet Meat Loaf's left man boob that no money changed hands.
    I agree that an experienced player does not need Day 2. SimMan rarely deletes special days, though, so as long as it's not going away, it might serve the purpose of introducing the supporting cast.
  • Soham Banerjee Junta is supposed to be a loner,just like player. It wont make sense for him to get H scenes.
    Besides,I would prefer to see more of Kotomi,Karin & Ami first,since they are main characters & invest so much money to get them
    • kotomifan I get it. There'$ a rea$on why no DNA2 can be in SimGirls. Good to know.
    • Keiryu actualy while yes Junta is supposes to be a loner and stay that way. He was more refering giving him more of a role. We can´t forget that he is still the main character of the Manga/Anime Simgirls is based on.

      So it would make sense for him to get a bigger role in the game of course i would not give him a girl but 1 H scene sure why not i mean if Ryuji get´s some Tomoko loving (more or less) then why not give Junta some action too maybe something with Akira just for fun we call it "A teachers Boredom"

      And yes i know Akira is supposed to be a Lesbian or in the best Bi (she does give the player a reward) but i can also see her playing around with Junta just for her own amusement...and since they are literaly stuck in the same classroom it would be possible. ^_^
      • kotomifan Exactly. Throw in a scene similar to Day 90 where Akira does a little teasing, and Junta gets a bit of sex education. Or have him crush on a new girl, until he walks in on her and Akira.
        • Soham Banerjee If Junta gets a H scene,that wont be justified because of his female allergy.
          It would completely go against his character.He can get some scenes,but he would definitely throw up in H scene
        • Keiryu oh the second idea is even better and would fit with Akira perfectly maybe Junta catches Akira with Kotomi or Tomoko or maybe to be really Kinky Karin comes to visit the Player only for Akira to seduce her and then Junta walks in on them. ^_^
  • Keiryu No Junta stay bad Junta you do not get to take away one of the girls that Dickweed Ryuji is enough already don´t make me punch you too.

    Now back in the classroom with you.
    • Debatra Maybe if the frequency is the same, but when it happens it's randomly either Ryuji or Junta?

      Then again, we probably don't want legitimate reasons to hate Junta.
  • SimMan in 5.7 junta will finally get to know one of the girls and I think he will get more in the future's updates.
  • Debatra Frankly, the whole scene from Day 2 either makes no sense, or retroactively makes several other parts of the game make no sense.