Dear SimMan:The shopgirl is feeling left out
Dear SimMan,

I used to have a very important role in SimGirls. I was the one who walked in on Tomoko and Player in the original ending. I had a line that I rehearsed at home until I got it right. And let me tell you- The shoot was brutal! Tomoko kept thinking people would focus on her face at the end, so she wanted just the right look. Which she had, of course, since the real stars were her tits and her new Brazilian.
So what happened? I know upgrades happen, but I was kind of proud of that ending. And the new endings and the post-lover scenes are nice, but they don't have the daring of getting a quickie in a public place. Heck, if Tomoko won't do it, I'll do it. That Player guy is fine! I'll get him out of that camouflage gear.
And when we're done, I'll know just the right clothes to put him in to raise his charm score.
What do you say, SimMan? I can lock up early. I can show you our lingerie department. How about where we keep our long scarves? Our power tools? ;)
So, do you want to do something, H?