Dear SimMan and Everyone Else: A Thank You Gift
Just wanted to say, thanks for the support and the feedback. My account hit 1000 points the other day, and to give back a little, I've taken the story series that I've posted and made them into short stories.I asked SimMan if I could post the stories in the Fan Contributions section. He agreed, and asked me to reformat them in HTML. I did, and sent them to him. He posted them.

You can also enjoy them using the links below.

Primero (aka Player) is the star of these first three stories. Hit Points: This was my first series. Our hero  encounters the SimGirls as he becomes a boxing champ.

Go for the Gold: Tomoko builds a new rhythmic gymnastics team, using Ami, Tomoko, Sana, and Karin, while falling in love. Does she triumph? Come see...

Ami's Sunrise Surprise: Ami goes on a quest to learn about her town's deepest secret:

The next set of stories revolve around the four choices of personality a player selects when they begin the game: Criminal, Playful, Intelligent, and Casual. A character that personifies each choice (Toreda, Gakusha, Rakki, and Jo) meets and falls for Kotomi, Sana, Tomoko, and Karin.

Lessons of the Street: Kotomi is rescued by Toreda, a mysterious rough figure who helps her incorporate street dancing into her routines:

Art of the Sale: Sana falls for an intellectual wallflower named Gakusha, as they find themselves enmeshed in mystery and intrigue:

Tomoko Gets Lucky: After a delicious case of mistaken identity, Tomoko gets involved with Rakki, a sweet talker who steals a bit more than her heart:

Karin's Photo Opportunity: In a world, one hundred years in her past, a woman stands alone. Unarmed. Undressed. Can she make it in the concrete jungle known as 21st century Japan...?

It's been fun putting these together, and I hope you enjoy them.