Dear SimMan: Junta wants to be your Answer Man
Hey boss, it's me again.

I couldn't help noticing that "Storyboy" here just KILLED me and nobody noticed.

I think I figured out why. This is a SIMGirls board, not a DNA2 board. My job here is backing up Ami. Trouble is, after a few rounds, a player becomes less dependent on Ami. And you could go the entire game and not need to talk with me. So if I disappear, who cares? It's not like when you removed Tomoko's changing room finale that there was a massive outcry to bring back the shopgirl.

So, how can I can I be more relevant? People need a reason to see me. How about...this?

* I could be your reminder guy. Not just for test stuff, either. Click on me, and I could have a one-day window on any event. "Hey, isn't there a swim meet tomorrow?" 
* Also, as a friend to the girls, I might be good for free facts. "I hear Kotomi like noodle soup."
I might even have a pic or two on my phone from their pictorials. I may even have an idea as to Karin's whereabouts are when she flees to the slums.

* Finally, LET AMI DATE. I mean, really date. She's got four scenarios now and a house. She even has a nude scene. What you would need to make her a full-fledged dater is:

1) two more scenarios

2) statistics: height, weight, favorite food and song, etc, and questions that go with them.

3) a bedroom scene

4) a minigame. OK, a new minigame. On second thought, leave that one in.

Here's the kicker - Player doesn't get to be Ami's lover simply by building a time machine!

So here's how Day 1 goes: 
After Ami wakes Player up, Player goes to school.

When Ami's sitting there in her uniform, she can say something like, Junta has all the answers. Then when everybody is getting introduced, I tell Player that I am the one that can answer all his questions. I start by showing his MY smartphone, with a nice little view of Tomoko to start.

And from that point on, I'm Player's best bud.

Meanwhile, Ami gets a bit more attention than she's had in the past. We can bring Sana and Karin in on this later.

Think about it. You want a bigger role for Ami, Sana, and Karin. Wouldn't this be a great place to start?
  • dead_phone I like this idea. Beefing up Junta as some kind of a counselor while making room for some dates (and scenes?) with Ami will surely make both characters more interesting. Ami (sd well as Karin and Sana) are still somewhat underdeveloped compared to Kotomi. They are no match for Tomoko for sure but I think filling the gap between Kotomi, Ami, Karin and Sana will make this great game more versatile and even greater. Cheers, [50409,kotomifan], you ideas are simply great!
  • SimMan Great ideas but guess Karin will be the next in line. We will see :)
  • Keiryu Seems like a decent idea. Also i just love someone who makes his character talk back to the writer since i tend to do the same thing.

    So yeah i am sold on the idea. ^_^
    • kotomifan Getting in their minds, having them step out of frame, and speak to (or better yet, bitch at) SimMan has been fun to do!