Dear SimMan: Karin has the floor

I hear that I may get to date in the next version. That's just, just wonderful. After all, a night of dinner and a movie sounds wonderful after 40+ days of captivity, smelling my own coffee poops.

Now unless you want little Megaplayboy here to experience Mega Death, here's how I think things should go down:

Everything stays the same until Day 9. Player gets a message to meet me in the slums. I go to shoot him the second time, he gets a lucky punch in. As he's picking up my necklace, Rjuuyi and Bloody King drop by, and Player loses consciousness and the necklace.
Day 10: I appear in Player's bedroom, demanding he return the necklace. Obviously he doesnt have it. So I tell him to meet me in the slums once he has it. I dont get decked or locked in the cellar- I just leave. This makes the whole "modeling agency" scenario a lot less awkward, IMO.

From that day on until the day Player recovers the necklace AND has it fixed, I'll be working at the bar in the slums. This could also be the cosplay cafe- after all, I already have a costume. Player can chat me up all he wants, because as a bartender I don't have much choice, and I'll even take his gifts. We'll need something to talk about, so I'll need body stats, a favorite food, song and movie.
The necklace can then become a prerequisite for 1) dating me, 2) getting me to girlfriend level or 3) Lover level.
He'll still have to get it from Tomoko at the mall and have Akira fix it. BTW, if you want to speed up the "Tomoko at mall"" scene to Day 28 or even Day 21, I'm sure the players wouldnt mind.
Now once I get the necklace, the whole "it's a communication device" scene happens. I could either stay at the bar or cafe, or magically start attending Fukoma. The hallway might get a little crowded, unless Ami moves to Junta's slot in the classroom and I take her place.

If I stay at the bar, I'm not an easy date. Some days I could alternate with Snakeman as bartenders. And he might want to challenge Player to a fight. Or just simply have me say NO unless I'm free, just like the "free on day X" process that the other girls use.

I work at the bar so I'll have a place to live. So I would appreciate you turning one of the empty shapes into a house or condo. My place doesnt have to be identical to Tomoko and Kotomi's. I just dont want it to be Player's basement, please?
Now, if Player manages to do all of this before Day 50, and we become lovers, we can have the "Choose Karin" holiday scenario. You could keep the Fireworks Festival the way it is, or stick me in a kinomo next to the others.

There's no need to search for me in the slums after that - you know where I work and live. And you can cut the guilty kidnapper bit so we can get to the sex.
Oh, yeah, and if you still want to play the naughty maid clean-me game, that's fine with me, once I hit girlfriend level.

That should be all of it. I'm going to let Spike here go now. Anybody know how to get boy vomit out of a uniform?
  • Keiryu While funny i can't imagine Karin not as a pet.

    You do know it's easy to have Karin go on a date while being your Maid (Since it is strange to go on a date with your pet).
    • kotomifan I cant say I've ever been comfortable with the pet setup. I saw her promotion to full fledged dater as a chance for change. Karin is not a pet in the manga, and in the anime, she tools around like Batman's summer intern. I had this theory that having her locked up was simply because, like Junta, there was not much of a role for her in the early versions of the game. This became an issue once her role expanded- for example: when Player introduces her as "Cat" when they start to model.
      Player can use his money to buy her teddy bears and movie tickets; if she wants to dress up as a maid or go to the dungeon with Player, she can go willingly!
      • Keiryu I still say she should start as pet and reach girlfriend status from there. After that you could turn the dungeon into a room for her for let's say $5000 or something similiar and instead of her gettig her own house she would move i with you. Don't forget she is from the future i doubt she can just flash her ID and sign some papers.

        Also don't get me wrong i love me some Karin she is by far my favorite character. However you can't forget that she tries to kill the player...I say starting as a pet is quiee good for her.
        • kotomifan You raise a good point. Being a maid is one of many jobs that she could do without papers, housing would be provided, and dating a maid is far preferable and easier to explain than a pet. Wonder where SimMan will go with this.