Dear SimMan: Karin cleans up well!
Yeah, it's Karin again.

I was reading Keiryu and Kotomifan's thread, and it gave me an idea for a slightly different scenario than the one I proposed.

Imagine I'm in Player's bedroom, about to shoot him for the second time. Player gets a lucky punch in. I fall to the floor. Player takes my necklace and goes to sell it, but loses it to Ryuuji and BK.
When I come to, I ask for it back. Player feels badly that he lost it, and offers to have me stay at his place as the maid. He even pays me 100 a week, lets me stay in the basement rent-free, and introduces me to his model friends.
Now for the fun part:
* I get to go on dates, once Player has brought me enough stuff. Kotomi's places are fine. If you have time to add them, I'd also like to give Player some random objects- they should be related to the time machine.
* At good friend level, I appear in his room daily to wake him up, except when Ami does it. When I hit girlfriend level, I'm there to wake him up AND he has the option of clicking on my face. This inspires me to "clean him".
* Once I hit Lover level, and Player has 5000 or so to spare, we redo the basement as my apartment. I'd like to wear something other than a maid uniform at that point, hint hint!
* Leave in the "Karin in Fukoma High" parts. But I wouldnt mind seeing the fireworks with my SIMGirls friends!

I still think that I need the necklace back to become Player's GF or lover.

One other thing- the anime has me going to the roof and looking at the city. Since you are changing the game map anyway, could we fit that in, somehow? Thanks!
  • Kentaro this is cool...
  • Keiryu Glad to have been such an inspiration. And yes this is a much better idea. However i still say we start her of as Pet.

    Also Honestly would you feel bad for stealing and losing something from someone who just tried to shoot you...Yeah i doubt that. So the whole feeled bad part is out too.

    Let her start of from what we already know but add the option of her living with you in the basement that makes sense if she was your pet and is less work to finish.
    • kotomifan Well put. One of the reasons I do these is to flesh out ideas and drive discussion.
      I think I would call the cops and have the crazy blue lady hauled away, vice locking her in my cellar for 40 days.
      At any rate, thanks for the idea.
      • Keiryu Hey i like this stuff it is good to throw around ideas but let's not go from 0 to 100 in less then a martini. You can't really expect to change everything just so she get's a room/date considering her story is pretty much finished.
        • kotomifan Zero to 100 in less than a martini. I like that!
          I do this for fun. If SimMan changes anything based on something I wrote here, I may need that drink. I may even buy a round.
          We know there will be a 5.8 now.. That's a good thing. Let's see what he does with it.
          • Keiryu He pretty much already said he has desire to renew some stuff so yeah let's wait and see. ^_^