New Sports for the New Rosebery Game (
I admire what SimMan did with the boxing, swimming, modeling and driving games in SG.
I was trying to think of how you would do a basketball game in this format when it dawned on me that, if a game was tied, you could start Primero at one end of the court, pass to a teammate, get the ball back, and drive the length of the court to score the winning points. He could pass the ball or try to go around a defender on the way, with more defenders as obstacles as the difficulty went higher. Perhaps the final could be three such passes.
A volleyball game or a superball game could follow the current Lovemore pattern of five people on either side who never cross a center line.
 My Morning Star could follow the model popularity model.Perhaps Primero could race Tassy in swimming or have a boxing/MMA match against Bel.