A Dark Grey Idea: Director's Vision
You find the address - a non-descript warehouse on the edge of town. Big Don is at the door.
"So, I get all these videos. Then what?"
"Then the magic begins," says the man in the tie. "I know directors, big, big directors, who can take your footage and turn it into gold."
"Like who?"
"You've heard of Jordan Lunas, the man who made not one, but two Moon Warriors trilogies?"
You're stunned. "Really?"
"How about Maraschino? The director of Slay Clay?"
"Of course..."
"And let's not forget my favorite. Arty Moore-Sleazy. Bedfellows. Uber Driver."
You feel like you won the lottery. But you have questions.
"Why would they want cheap videos?"
"There's a movement afoot in Hollywood. Found footage. The big directors have seen it done and they want in. But you see one of those guys on set and BANG! It's a major deal. That's where you come in."
"But I don't know anything about stringing them together."
"You don't need to."
The Big Don opens the door and leads you to a darkened room full of screens.
"Rudy, this is Mister Wu."
"It's Ryuuji."
"No worries, Ryuuji. Welcome."
Screens flutter in front of Wu as he turns.
"The Big Don came to me with this idea of an independent, found footage style movie. I floated out to my contacts and came away with three possibilities. Mr. Lunas, not surprisingly, wants to make a space epic. Mr. Maraschino wants to make a costume period drama based on the Honno-ji incident, and Moore-Sleazy makes the movie he always makes-  guys get shot, girls get naked."
"And how does the found footage help?"
"With CGI, anything's possible. Take this clip of this man and this woman doing it in a rest room. A little background change, and they're now in a geisha house. A few more clicks, and..."
You stare and marvel for a minute.
"The USS Boobyprize?"
"One and the same. I could impose Captain Durk's picture right there."
"Then if you can do that, what do you need my footage for?"
"Eliminate deniability," replied Big Don. "She may not have done it in space or in ancient Japan, but she can't deny doing it at the bar."
"OK, where do I start?"
"You tell us," Wu replied, flipping through scripts. "Whose movie do you want to make? The space movie with Lunas, the historic movie with Maraschino, or the exploitation flick with Moore-Sleazy?"