Dear SimMan

  • A Dark Grey Idea: Director's Vision
    You find the address - a non-descript warehouse on the edge of town. Big Don is at the door.
    "So, I get all these videos. Then what?"
    "Then the magic begins," says the man in the tie. "I know directors, big, big directors, who can take your footage and turn it into gold."
    "Like who?"
    "You've heard of Jordan Lunas, the man who made not one, but two Moon Warriors trilogies?"
    You're stunned. "Really?"
    "How about Maraschino? The director of Slay Clay?"
    "Of course..."
    "And let's not forget my favorite. Arty Moore-Sleazy. Bedfellows. Uber Driver."
    You feel like you won the lottery. But you have questions.
    "Why would they want cheap videos?"
    "There's a movement afoot in Hollywood. Found footage. The big directors have seen it done and they want in. But you see one of those guys on set and BANG! It's a major deal. That's where you come in."
    "But I don't know anything about stringing them together."
    "You don't need to."
    The Big Don opens the door and leads you to a darkened room full of screens.
    "Rudy, this is Mister Wu."
    "It's Ryuuji."
    "No worries, Ryuuji. Welcome."
    Screens flutter in front of Wu as he turns.
    "The Big Don came to me with this idea of an independent, found footage style movie. I floated out to my contacts and came away with three possibilities. Mr. Lunas, not surprisingly, wants to make a space epic. Mr. Maraschino wants to make a costume period drama based on the Honno-ji incident, and Moore-Sleazy makes the movie he always makes-  guys get shot, girls get naked."
    "And how does the found footage help?"
    "With CGI, anything's possible. Take this clip of this man and this woman doing it in a rest room. A little background change, and they're now in a geisha house. A few more clicks, and..."
    You stare and marvel for a minute.
    "The USS Boobyprize?"
    "One and the same. I could impose Captain Durk's picture right there."
    "Then if you can do that, what do you need my footage for?"
    "Eliminate deniability," replied Big Don. "She may not have done it in space or in ancient Japan, but she can't deny doing it at the bar."
    "OK, where do I start?"
    "You tell us," Wu replied, flipping through scripts. "Whose movie do you want to make? The space movie with Lunas, the historic movie with Maraschino, or the exploitation flick with Moore-Sleazy?"

  • A Dark Grey Idea: The Mentor
    The guy with the tie introduces himself as the Big Don.
    He's full of ideas.
    Like how to make money: Selling "packages" at Toreda's bar. Selling training services at Bloody King's gym. Selling tutorial services for Akira's class.
    He also tells you how you might make a few bucks if you start a modeling agency.
    You say, the only model you know is Tomoko Saeki.
    He smiles. "I've heard of her. She's going to be HUGE."
    "Yeah, and she just broke up with me."
    "So you get other models."
    "And she'll just blow them away."
    "Yeah, I've seen her," adds the bartender.
    Big Don smiles an evil smile.
    "So, let's say Tomoko breaks big, and you have, say, five videos of her in action. You've got a gold mine. A sex tape that goes viral and makes you a fortune."
    He gets up.
    "Here's my card. You need something, you call."

  • A Dark Grey Idea: The Breakup
    You move the Day 16/$2000/Charm 200 to the beginning.

    As Ryuuji, you start out with money, but you are told your current girlfriend Tomoko is at a bar you dont normally go to.
    When you confront her there, she says for 2000, she'll go back to a hotel with you. If you pay her (which is most or all of your money) you get a night of great sex followed by a breakup. If you dont pay, she breaks up with you then.
    The bartender then offers to show you "something you ought to know" for 500. If you agree, Toreda shows you a clip of Tomoko doing the charm girl position in the rest room with Primero.
    Either way, your girl is a ho.
    And as you deal with that information while drowning your sorrows, a guy in a tie  says, "How would you like to get revenge AND make some money in the process?"
  • New Sports for the New Rosebery Game
    I admire what SimMan did with the boxing, swimming, modeling and driving games in SG.
    I was trying to think of how you would do a basketball game in this format when it dawned on me that, if a game was tied, you could start Primero at one end of the court, pass to a teammate, get the ball back, and drive the length of the court to score the winning points. He could pass the ball or try to go around a defender on the way, with more defenders as obstacles as the difficulty went higher. Perhaps the final could be three such passes.
    A volleyball game or a superball game could follow the current Lovemore pattern of five people on either side who never cross a center line.
     My Morning Star could follow the model popularity model.Perhaps Primero could race Tassy in swimming or have a boxing/MMA match against Bel.
    • Rasheed I say it's a great idea!!
    • SimMan You know what I truly want? If I won a lottery I want to have a full sport game inside the game that plays like NBA live and FIFA but with Rosebery characters.
  • Dear SimMan: Whose Calendar is it, Anyway?
    I liked the 100 day calendar of SimGirls 1 thru 7, and while I figured there could be alternatives, I still liked the 100 day interval. At the same time, I liked the idea of a school year, and thought that might distinguish Rosebery from SimGirls..Then I noticed a in the calendar in the newer versions of Lovemore. Voila!
    So here's what I propose:The first day of the game starts on Sunday, September 30th, 2018. School starts October 1. The next 46 days follow the first, with exams on November 15th.
    Day 47 is an event - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Day 48 is also an event: New Years Eve and New Years Day. Day 49? An event- the day before and the day of Valentines Day.
     Day 50 is March 17th, with the 2nd semester beginning on the 19th. All the spring tournaments (basketball, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, boxing/MMA) start that weekend. That might also be the beginning of the My Morning Star contest, and maybe some war-of-wits contest against SimMan's favorite brainiac. Graduation will be on May 6th, AKA Day 100.
    Why such a gap? It's college prep. Everyone's a grownup.
    Depending on his/her strengths, Primero/ the player will compete in sports, that he/she hopefully trained for the previous semester.
  • Dear SimMan: Where did the likes go (fixed)?
  • Dear SimMan: Isn't she charming?
    First off, I know the 'charm girl' does not qualify as a new Simgirls girl. So this isn't even in the category of proposed new characters.
    In the course of my stories, I have given "Charm" a new name ("Akage"), clothes, two different possible jobs, a new locale, some close encounters, and even the hint of a backstory. My MS Paint skills haven't given her a true visual makeover. Until now.
    Continuing my one-person campaign to rehab the image (if not the story) of our resident lady of the lavatory, I offer the following:Using the amine generator, I plugged in my best approximation of our local charm girl, complete with messy red hair. That's picture #1. I gave her an edgier haircut in pic #2, so her hair wouldn't get in the way if she took her professional talents to the gym. FInally, if she takes that post-good time girl position as the town's sexiest tailor, she'd need a more professional look (#3).
    The girl's making more money, SimMan. Is it time to give her a makeover?
  • Dear SimMan: Ryuuji STOMP!
    This is Ryuuji. I am the swim team captain. I got money. Cars. Ladies. Look at these guns! I am not a drug dealer. I DON'T NEED TO BE.
    But if I played your game and picked the strong character, I would be a criminal.
    Now I'm not a criminal. Okay, I occasionally hire people to do unpleasantries, but I have never been convicted of anything.

    What I know is this:here are three traits to each character. A criminal is a dumb strongman with neutral charm. The playful guy is a charming dumbass with neutral strength. And the geek is a smart wimp with neutral charm.

    Me, I'm not dumb. I'm an a$$hole. But I think there should be somebody like me: strong, not too smart, and maybe low on the charm. The ladies love ME of course. But my swim team buddies, not so much. So an ATHLETE would be a strong slob with neutral smarts.

    Now you know how there's the school president types, that don't go out for sports clubs because they're too busy running for homecoming king? That's a LEADER in my book. Look at all the historic trim JFK got.

    And finally, there's this other group. You might know a few of theae guys. Not the best dressers in the world, but they know all there is to know about Naruto,. They know their way about Gotham, Mordor, Krypton, even Fukoma. They are the GAMERS- neutral strength, a little smelly, but smart. Real smart.

    So don't just give Primero a makeover. Make more choices for character types. Oh, and while you have the pen out, how about a shoulder tattoo for me?
    • SimMan I would probably add more differences in each type instead of adding more character types.
    • Keiryu As a gamer i feel offended... Is that really what people think of gamers, just because those WOW and CS gamers are like that (And yes i know a lot of them) does not mean we are all like that i work out on a regular basis usualy on the weekends 1 or 2 a week and i like to keep myself clean.

      As for the knowing a lot of random trivia that i do know but it has nothing to do with being a gamer. An Anime fan will know Anime stuff but cares little about LoTR or Star Wars or Comics. same with a Comics fan or a Treckie..Etc...Etc..

      So yeah that would be stereotyping it way to hard.

      Also what you are refering to is characteristic. so if we would go fom school system it would be something like this.

      Criminal » Jock/Athlete/Sports Freak

      Intelligent = NEEEEEEERD!!!/Teachers Pet

      Playful = Popular/Playboy/Ladies Man

      Average =....Nomal....Yeah

      But again that is sterotyping which is not needed since the 4 avalaible ones are stereotypes as is all with the same effects to Strengh/Intelligence/Charm as you said.

      Unless it is to add a whole new Stat other than the three before named there is no need to add a new character type.

      As for the Tattoo i vote against it Ryujji is first and foremost a rich spoiled brat he does not need a Yakuza look.
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  • Dear SimMan: Karin cleans up well!
    Yeah, it's Karin again.

    I was reading Keiryu and Kotomifan's thread, and it gave me an idea for a slightly different scenario than the one I proposed.

    Imagine I'm in Player's bedroom, about to shoot him for the second time. Player gets a lucky punch in. I fall to the floor. Player takes my necklace and goes to sell it, but loses it to Ryuuji and BK.
    When I come to, I ask for it back. Player feels badly that he lost it, and offers to have me stay at his place as the maid. He even pays me 100 a week, lets me stay in the basement rent-free, and introduces me to his model friends.
    Now for the fun part:
    * I get to go on dates, once Player has brought me enough stuff. Kotomi's places are fine. If you have time to add them, I'd also like to give Player some random objects- they should be related to the time machine.
    * At good friend level, I appear in his room daily to wake him up, except when Ami does it. When I hit girlfriend level, I'm there to wake him up AND he has the option of clicking on my face. This inspires me to "clean him".
    * Once I hit Lover level, and Player has 5000 or so to spare, we redo the basement as my apartment. I'd like to wear something other than a maid uniform at that point, hint hint!
    * Leave in the "Karin in Fukoma High" parts. But I wouldnt mind seeing the fireworks with my SIMGirls friends!

    I still think that I need the necklace back to become Player's GF or lover.

    One other thing- the anime has me going to the roof and looking at the city. Since you are changing the game map anyway, could we fit that in, somehow? Thanks!
    • Kentaro this is cool...
    • Keiryu Glad to have been such an inspiration. And yes this is a much better idea. However i still say we start her of as Pet.

      Also Honestly would you feel bad for stealing and losing something from someone who just tried to shoot you...Yeah i doubt that. So the whole feeled bad part is out too.

      Let her start of from what we already know but add the option of her living with you in the basement that makes sense if she was your pet and is less work to finish.
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  • Dear SimMan: Karin has the floor

    I hear that I may get to date in the next version. That's just, just wonderful. After all, a night of dinner and a movie sounds wonderful after 40+ days of captivity, smelling my own coffee poops.

    Now unless you want little Megaplayboy here to experience Mega Death, here's how I think things should go down:

    Everything stays the same until Day 9. Player gets a message to meet me in the slums. I go to shoot him the second time, he gets a lucky punch in. As he's picking up my necklace, Rjuuyi and Bloody King drop by, and Player loses consciousness and the necklace.
    Day 10: I appear in Player's bedroom, demanding he return the necklace. Obviously he doesnt have it. So I tell him to meet me in the slums once he has it. I dont get decked or locked in the cellar- I just leave. This makes the whole "modeling agency" scenario a lot less awkward, IMO.

    From that day on until the day Player recovers the necklace AND has it fixed, I'll be working at the bar in the slums. This could also be the cosplay cafe- after all, I already have a costume. Player can chat me up all he wants, because as a bartender I don't have much choice, and I'll even take his gifts. We'll need something to talk about, so I'll need body stats, a favorite food, song and movie.
    The necklace can then become a prerequisite for 1) dating me, 2) getting me to girlfriend level or 3) Lover level.
    He'll still have to get it from Tomoko at the mall and have Akira fix it. BTW, if you want to speed up the "Tomoko at mall"" scene to Day 28 or even Day 21, I'm sure the players wouldnt mind.
    Now once I get the necklace, the whole "it's a communication device" scene happens. I could either stay at the bar or cafe, or magically start attending Fukoma. The hallway might get a little crowded, unless Ami moves to Junta's slot in the classroom and I take her place.

    If I stay at the bar, I'm not an easy date. Some days I could alternate with Snakeman as bartenders. And he might want to challenge Player to a fight. Or just simply have me say NO unless I'm free, just like the "free on day X" process that the other girls use.

    I work at the bar so I'll have a place to live. So I would appreciate you turning one of the empty shapes into a house or condo. My place doesnt have to be identical to Tomoko and Kotomi's. I just dont want it to be Player's basement, please?
    Now, if Player manages to do all of this before Day 50, and we become lovers, we can have the "Choose Karin" holiday scenario. You could keep the Fireworks Festival the way it is, or stick me in a kinomo next to the others.

    There's no need to search for me in the slums after that - you know where I work and live. And you can cut the guilty kidnapper bit so we can get to the sex.
    Oh, yeah, and if you still want to play the naughty maid clean-me game, that's fine with me, once I hit girlfriend level.

    That should be all of it. I'm going to let Spike here go now. Anybody know how to get boy vomit out of a uniform?
    • Keiryu While funny i can't imagine Karin not as a pet.

      You do know it's easy to have Karin go on a date while being your Maid (Since it is strange to go on a date with your pet).
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  • Dear SimMan: Junta wants to be your Answer Man
    Hey boss, it's me again.

    I couldn't help noticing that "Storyboy" here just KILLED me and nobody noticed.

    I think I figured out why. This is a SIMGirls board, not a DNA2 board. My job here is backing up Ami. Trouble is, after a few rounds, a player becomes less dependent on Ami. And you could go the entire game and not need to talk with me. So if I disappear, who cares? It's not like when you removed Tomoko's changing room finale that there was a massive outcry to bring back the shopgirl.

    So, how can I can I be more relevant? People need a reason to see me. How about...this?

    * I could be your reminder guy. Not just for test stuff, either. Click on me, and I could have a one-day window on any event. "Hey, isn't there a swim meet tomorrow?" 
    * Also, as a friend to the girls, I might be good for free facts. "I hear Kotomi like noodle soup."
    I might even have a pic or two on my phone from their pictorials. I may even have an idea as to Karin's whereabouts are when she flees to the slums.

    * Finally, LET AMI DATE. I mean, really date. She's got four scenarios now and a house. She even has a nude scene. What you would need to make her a full-fledged dater is:

    1) two more scenarios

    2) statistics: height, weight, favorite food and song, etc, and questions that go with them.

    3) a bedroom scene

    4) a minigame. OK, a new minigame. On second thought, leave that one in.

    Here's the kicker - Player doesn't get to be Ami's lover simply by building a time machine!

    So here's how Day 1 goes: 
    After Ami wakes Player up, Player goes to school.

    When Ami's sitting there in her uniform, she can say something like, Junta has all the answers. Then when everybody is getting introduced, I tell Player that I am the one that can answer all his questions. I start by showing his MY smartphone, with a nice little view of Tomoko to start.

    And from that point on, I'm Player's best bud.

    Meanwhile, Ami gets a bit more attention than she's had in the past. We can bring Sana and Karin in on this later.

    Think about it. You want a bigger role for Ami, Sana, and Karin. Wouldn't this be a great place to start?
    • dead_phone I like this idea. Beefing up Junta as some kind of a counselor while making room for some dates (and scenes?) with Ami will surely make both characters more interesting. Ami (sd well as Karin and Sana) are still somewhat underdeveloped compared to Kotomi. They are no match for Tomoko for sure but I think filling the gap between Kotomi, Ami, Karin and Sana will make this great game more versatile and even greater. Cheers, [50409,kotomifan], you ideas are simply great!
    • SimMan Great ideas but guess Karin will be the next in line. We will see :)
    • Keiryu Seems like a decent idea. Also i just love someone who makes his character talk back to the writer since i tend to do the same thing.

      So yeah i am sold on the idea. ^_^
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  • Dear SimMan and Everyone Else: A Thank You Gift
    Just wanted to say, thanks for the support and the feedback. My account hit 1000 points the other day, and to give back a little, I've taken the story series that I've posted and made them into short stories.I asked SimMan if I could post the stories in the Fan Contributions section. He agreed, and asked me to reformat them in HTML. I did, and sent them to him. He posted them.

    You can also enjoy them using the links below.

    Primero (aka Player) is the star of these first three stories. Hit Points: This was my first series. Our hero  encounters the SimGirls as he becomes a boxing champ.

    Go for the Gold: Tomoko builds a new rhythmic gymnastics team, using Ami, Tomoko, Sana, and Karin, while falling in love. Does she triumph? Come see...

    Ami's Sunrise Surprise: Ami goes on a quest to learn about her town's deepest secret:

    The next set of stories revolve around the four choices of personality a player selects when they begin the game: Criminal, Playful, Intelligent, and Casual. A character that personifies each choice (Toreda, Gakusha, Rakki, and Jo) meets and falls for Kotomi, Sana, Tomoko, and Karin.

    Lessons of the Street: Kotomi is rescued by Toreda, a mysterious rough figure who helps her incorporate street dancing into her routines:

    Art of the Sale: Sana falls for an intellectual wallflower named Gakusha, as they find themselves enmeshed in mystery and intrigue:

    Tomoko Gets Lucky: After a delicious case of mistaken identity, Tomoko gets involved with Rakki, a sweet talker who steals a bit more than her heart:

    Karin's Photo Opportunity: In a world, one hundred years in her past, a woman stands alone. Unarmed. Undressed. Can she make it in the concrete jungle known as 21st century Japan...?

    It's been fun putting these together, and I hope you enjoy them.

    • Kash What a collection man! Is it a hidden talent or do you do that as a profession?
    • SimMan Love all your stories. Now we are just waiting for a conclusion of Karin's adventure. What about Akira are you going to give her a story too?
    • kotomifan Just to clarify something: I asked SimMan if I could post the stories in the Fan Contributions section. He agreed, and asked me to reformat them in HTML. I did, and sent them to him. He posted them.
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  • Dear SimMan: The SIMGirls want a video intro
    The girls are big fans of the Blackspears video ad on the website.
    You should do a video clip, like you did with the Blackspears character
    (Ami appears)
    Sexy (Kotomi appears beside her)
    Indulging (Karin appears between them)
    MESMERIZING (Tomoko appears- they move to a diamond formation with Tomoko on top. Karin and Akira appear on either side of Tomoko; it morphs to the line that shows them all in bikinis).
  • Dear SimMan: Kotomi wants to try something new
    Ah, the minigame. Tomoko gets to model. Akira gets to box. And the objective of mine is to...fart.
    I think we agree that since Junta vomits like he's emptying out his brain with a firehose, we're all grateful there's no minigame for that. But, farting to me is like Junta's barfing. It's boy repellant. I've even used it like mace.
    The way I see it, a patient lover with a slow hand might help me overcome this. And I will be VERY VERY grateful if he does.

    Soham reminded me that the feather game was not my first minigame. So I was thinking that while your SimGirls elves are crafting the next version, I have a potential game idea.

    So while Tomoko's game is to dress her and guess what she is wearing, mine could be an....undressing game! This could either replace my dance with Dusty, or it could be slipped in where you have the "Be Gentle" billboard after Player becomes my lover.
    I start off with five items on. Shirt, pants, bra, stockings NOT socks, panties. Perhaps professional, like on a shoot. Maybe even something sporty!
    First screen: I'm facing Player as he SLOWLY pulls my shirt up and pants down. If he goes too fast, or too far left/right, the stink cloud informs him the game is over.
    Second screen, I can face towards or away from Player. Bra goes up, socks go down. And it stinks if Player messes up. Literally!
    Last screen. All fours on bed, facing away. Panties slip from buns to knees. But move too quickly and POOF- you lose.
    And if you win?
    Let's just say, I want my lover to have unfettered, un-feathered access to two of my favorite places. And he can be gentle. At first, anyway!

    Oh, and as long as they have their pens out, this pic is from THE pivotal scene for me here. The "if you've been paying attention, you get lucky" part. So why do I look like a drowsy caveman? Maybe you could have me put on something fashionable and sexy. If all goes well, I won't be wearing it for long!
  • Dear SimMan:The shopgirl is feeling left out
    Dear SimMan,

    I used to have a very important role in SimGirls. I was the one who walked in on Tomoko and Player in the original ending. I had a line that I rehearsed at home until I got it right. And let me tell you- The shoot was brutal! Tomoko kept thinking people would focus on her face at the end, so she wanted just the right look. Which she had, of course, since the real stars were her tits and her new Brazilian.
    So what happened? I know upgrades happen, but I was kind of proud of that ending. And the new endings and the post-lover scenes are nice, but they don't have the daring of getting a quickie in a public place. Heck, if Tomoko won't do it, I'll do it. That Player guy is fine! I'll get him out of that camouflage gear.
    And when we're done, I'll know just the right clothes to put him in to raise his charm score.
    What do you say, SimMan? I can lock up early. I can show you our lingerie department. How about where we keep our long scarves? Our power tools? ;)
    So, do you want to do something, H?