Tomoko Gets Lucky II: An Immodest Proposal
"All my friends call me Rakki, lovely lady." 
He went to kiss her hand. She pulled it away. "I...I was expecting somebody else..."
"Toreda?" Rakki smiled. "Oh, he's long gone. Well, not technically. But that guy is so head over heels for Kotomi Takanashi, he may never come up for air."
Tomoko sighed. Toreda the hero. Of course. She would not be the Lois Lane in his story.
"So who are you?"
"I'm a guy who spent hours trying to talk him into staying with you. I've known that dog since he was a pup. Guy never had a lick of sense. He has a girl like you and he's running after that little stick figure. Why drive a scooter around when you can have a Cadillac?"
Or a Carrera, she thought. "Well, I..."
He took her hand again. "Tomoko Saeki, you are a work of art. Beautiful face, gorgeous body. A man should be honored to be by your side."
"Why thank you. I..."
"And I would like to be that man. Starting right now. Meet me out front, exactly fifteen minutes from now. I'll be in my Bruce Wayne duds. You should wear a dress. Short, but not too short. A single color, black is great, accessorized if you choose. And heels."
"Wait a minute. I...I..." From naked to ready to go out in 15 minutes? Impossible!

Tomoko wasn't sure why she was all dressed up, where she was going, or even why she was going. She just...was.
Rakki opened the passenger door of the Nissan. Once she was in, he slipped in the driver's seat and looked over. "I am a lucky man tonight!"
"I feel thrown together."
"Nonsense. You're Miss Fukoma! Reigning royalty. I am honored to have you here."
He handed her a rose. She had no idea how it got there, but she took it.

After they ordered, she saw him take a small box out of his pocket. 
"In here is a rock, bound to a piece of metal. But if I bent my knee and handed it to you now, this place would go nuts."
"Well, let's not do that."
"Of course not. But the box and its contents are yours on one condition."
He started writing on a napkin. When he stopped, he handed it to her. He had surprisingly good penmanship.
"Go to the ladies room.
Remove your panties.
Or don't.
But come back and tell me you did."
"All I have to do is say that I did?"
"I'll hand it over, either way. I don't need to look."
"I'll be right back."

"Okay. I'm back." She leaned over. "Without panties."
"Deal's a deal."
He handed her the box. It contained a small white pebble, on a loop of wire.
"You bastard. This isn't a diamond ring!"
"No, but these are."
He handed her a cell phone with a set of diamond earrings, rubber banded to the front.
"They're yours. And the cell is prepaid, made out to me. Nobody knows you have it, save you and me."
"What do I do with it?"
"You're a busy person. So am I. So if I want to see you, I'll text you the word NOW. You reply back with anything that's not NO and I will find you."
She looked at the phone. A moment later, the word NOW appeared.
"It already says NOW."
"And here I am !" He smiled. "That was only supposed to be a test."
He leaned over. "But I would be more than happy to take some sushi back to your place. Raid your daddy's wine collection. Some oysters, perhaps?"
"Let me go pay the man and we'll go."