Tomoko Gets Lucky IV: Naughty and Nice
Twas the night before Christmas
Tomoko rushed to and from
Getting last minute presents
For her father and beau

Her shopping wasn't done
And the cupboards were bare
If she could she'd blow Santa
To bring Christmas fare.

Tomoko was panicked. She had put off shopping, and now she felt like she had to get something for Rakki as well as her dad.
She talked Ami into joining her. Ami agreed, provided that they swing by the mystic shop. Tomoko reluctantly gave in.
She waited, bored, as Ami browsed through the aisles.
A blonde woman approached. "I am Sana. May I help you?"
"I doubt it. This is not my kind of store."
"Treasures are where you find them. Come," Sana urged, taking her hand. She took a blue top off the display.
"Try this."
Tomoko went behind the curtain. The top actually looked good. She emerged to see it in the mirror.
"Perfect." Sana stepped behind her. "That top was so unhappy when we broke up the set. Now it makes you happy. And your man will stand up when he sees you."
"My man?"
"Or woman. Either way. After you buy it, wear it. When people stare, stare back. And your man - he will stand up.
"Great. How much?"
"For you? Ten."
Ami came up behind them, holding a bunch of items. "Told you this place was a goldmine!"

They had just parked in the lot when a message came in.
She texted back @MALL SHOPPING.
Tomoko and Ami saw Rakki sitting. He came to his feet when he saw them. He kissed Tomoko. Ami extended her hand for a handshake- he kissed it.
He sat back down.
"Last minute shopping is the best. Salespeople will sell you anything just to get you to leave."
"It's too loud for me." Ami added.
Rakki slid a cup over to Ami. "I need to borrow Tomoko for a minute. I just ordered this tea. You are welcome to have it. I'll treat for lunch when we get back."
"Gee, thanks."
Ami reached for the tea as Rakki and Tomoko stood up and quickly left.

Rakki and Tomoko headed to the women's clothing store.
"What did you need me for?"
"Trying on this." He handed her a bag. "It was going to be part of your gift, but I'd hate to get the size wrong."
She looked in the bag and saw a very expensive, very thin black bra and panties set.

Rakki stopped short of going into the dressing room when he saw the saleslady approach Tomoko. He pointed to his phone as she went behind the curtain.
A minute later, he got a buzz.
H :)
He smiled, as he remembered her phone "butt-dialing" the letter H. He waired until the lady looked away, and walked over.
She pulled it open.
She had undressed, and changed into the lingerie and the blue top. He stepped in and closed the curtain. He saw a camouflaged jacket and put it on. She moved him over so his back blocked the curtain.
"Do you want to do something, H?"
"I thought you'd never ask." He dropped his pants and boxers to his ankles. He was definitely standing up.
She knelt in front of him and took him in. The thrill of tasting Rakki, with a mere curtain blocking them, drive her to drive herself faster.
He figured she would not do any more, in a public place, so he gave in. She took as much as she could, letting a couple of drops drip to her breasts.
She was not done with him yet, however. She watched as he stiffened.
"Take me. I'm yours."

The room was a blur, a dynamo of discarded clothes, sweat, and animal instinct. He thrusted, she writhed. He bent her so she saw her own feet. She found new ways to contort herself. She stood up to grasp the front entrance of the dressing room.

The curtain flew open. The sudden light from the curtain being drawn back made her gasp. The rush of air coaxed a bead of sweat to appear.
The saleslady was now face to face with a naked Tomoko. Her breasts swung below her outstretched arms, with her hands clutching either side of the changing room. She froze as she felt the eyes of the saleslady run up and down her body, as if an invisible hand was tracing a line from her breasts, down her belly and between her legs.
But rather than being embarrassed, she did the same, sizing up the woman who stood before her, head to toe. When she looked back up, she dared herself to say the thought that popped in her head.

Whatever you're celebrating, have a joyous holiday season.