Tomoko Gets Lucky V: Working for Tips
Tomoko was trying to come up with just the right thing to say to the lady to get her to come forward.
The woman appeared stunned.
Rakki reached over and closed the curtain.
"We need an escape plan," he whispered. "Follow my lead. Get dressed. Don't come out until I say. When you do, go fast."
He pulled on his pants, threw on the camo jacket, and slipped on shoes.
He threw open the curtain. He walked quickly to the closest saleslady.
"Miss! Oh, Miss!"
Tomoko hear him speak in a nasally, high pitched, fey voice.
"My client and I need complete privacy. You don't just walk into her like that."
"Your client?"
"Is a big baby. I won't say fat. OK, I will. She's monstrous. But not a word to anyone. OK? I love her. You love her. All of Japan loves her. But she is not this size."
He pulled out some bills and dangled a panty in front of her. "I'll give you twenty to find this one size up. Fifty if you close his dressing area to anyone but us. Make it a hundred if you swear she was not here."
"You catch on fast." Rakki started counting the money slowly. The distracted saleslady did not see him signal Tomoko to walk around. She left the dressing area, marveling how they had escaped again.
Her phone buzzed as she entered the food court.

There were no texts from Rakki that night, or the next morning. At school, she kept checking for a message from Rakki. Teachers droned on. Friends chattered.  But the phone stayed quiet. Reluctantly, she accepted an invitation to study with Kotomi after practice.
She had just arrived at Kotomi's house when she felt a vibration in her purse.
A few moments passed.
This time, she called him.
"I can't go anywhere for a while."
"I don't want you to move a muscle. Offer to pay for dinner. Ask what she wants. I'll be at the doorstep in an hour."
"Oh, and make a point of leaving your wallet in her bedroom."
"So you can have angry revenge sex on her bed."

Kotomi could have said anything in front of Tomoko for the next hour. Tomoko nearly jumped through her skin when the door knocked.
"C'mon." She made a point of moving Kotomi from her bedroom to the kitchen, then she answered the door.
"Noodle soup. Two orders. With sushi." Rakki was casual today. He held the food and winked.
"Oh, Kotomi. Here's the food. Let me go get my wallet. Follow me, sir."
As Kotomi turned to the kitchen, Tomoko and Rakki raced to the back bedroom.
"Hurry," he whispered. "I left the car running!"
As he closed the door, she yanked her pants to her ankles and sat on the bed. He knocked her over and plunged deep within her parted thighs. A few thrusts later, he got up and rolled her over; she scampered for a pillow and buried her face in it. She screamed her passion into the slipcover as Rakki took her from behind. Kotomi's posters and trophies were a captive audience, staring down at them as they pounded their lust into Kotomi's bedclothes.
Unknown to both of them, Kotomi stood at the door, peering through.

After Rakki left, Kotomi waited for her friend to return to the kitchen.
"That took a while."
"I wanted to give him a tip."
"Just a tip?" She looked at Tomoko. "They usually take cash."