Tomoko Gets Lucky VI: School Activities
Tomoko was distracted, as she sat at her desk in class. She craved Rakki's attention, but hated having to wait around for it. But cutting him off would mean not having nights like last night. She wondered how much Kotomi saw; how long she watched. She lost herself in thought, remembering her last few days. Rakki, twisting her all around. The excitement of their lovemaking. But the biggest rush was the constant fear of getting caught. It was giving her ideas. What if the saleslady joined them? What if Kotomi had slipped into bed with them? She had never had such thoughts, especially about women, and they excited her.
The buzz from her phone jolted her back to consciousness.
Reality clicked in. Under her desk, she typed out CANT. AT SCHOOL.
She stared at the screen. It added
She asked to go to the restroom. Once clear of class, she darted to the back stairs.
Rakki was in what appeared to be a Fukoma High uniform. As she entered the staircase, he took her hand.
"Is the roof alarmed?"
"No, but it's cold."
"We won't be long." He started up the stairs. Tomoko followed.
She passed by him after he opened the door. She leaned, using a support, trying to see as much of the town as possible. He closed the roof door behind him.
"What if someone comes up?" she asked.
"Only one door. And they can't get up if you don't let them."
"How will I stop them?"
"By putting both hands on the doorknob and holding tight."
"And what will you do?"
"Ravage you."
She came back over and clutched the doorknob in her hand. Before she knew it, her white panties were at her knees, and her lover was behind her, probing her slice of heaven as he gripped her shoulders.
She moved both of her hands to the doorknob and held on tight.
Yet at the same time, she wanted a woman to march through and join them. She could almost feel fingers unbuttoning her blouse and caressing her breasts while Rakki pleasured her from behind.
Rakki panted. "You are so hot right now!"
You have no idea, she thought.

Akira saw her in the hall.
"Ms. Saeki, the bathroom isn't back there."
"I wasn't feeling well, Ms. Kudo, so I went for some air."
"You missed the segment in diagramming sentences. Come by after my last class."
Rakki was long gone. She texted him. U GOT ME IN TROUBLE :(
Tomoko shook her head.
The reply stunned her.
She dialed his number.
"I'm in trouble. She wants me to go there after class."
"Yeah, because she wants you."
"It's pheromones. She knows you had sex and she's drawn to you like a shark."
"Well, maybe...."
"And here's what you do. Ask a question that requires her to write on the board. When she turns her head, sit on her desk. Let your skirt ride up. Make sure she can see your panties."
He paused.
"When I see you next, tell me she fingerbanged you. Even if she doesn't, you'll still get the prize."

She was shocked. Mortified. And thrilled. And she started to think about it. And think about it. She also thought about the saleslady seeing her naked. And Kotomi.
I'm sure Rakki won't mind if I raised the stakes a bit, she told herself.