Karin & Tomoko Recap: All the Single Ladies...
The Karin story has always intrigued me once I discovered DNA2 and SIMGirls. What would YOU do if you were sent on a mission 100 years in the past, and the mission failed almost inmediately. What would you think? Eat? Wear? Live? I think Karin did well for herself, all things considered.

I'm not sure why Tomoko has such bad luck with men, but I think Rakki proved to be just as bad an apple as Ryuuji ever was. I think her future requirements for a lover may evolve away from just a strong man with a big wallet. And wasn't it fun having her step tentatively into the lesbian pool instead of diving right in?

One of my favorite scenes in the game is when she gives the necklace away to Player; I borrowed it in such a way that Tomoko truly gets that the right thing to do is hand it to Karin.

Part of the fun of making up these stories is creating a supporting cast.
As many of you know, some of the SIMGirls characters came from DNA2. Others, such as Sana, did not. Instead, our famous mystic shop employee came straight from the imagination of our fearless leader SimMan. I've tried to follow his lead and expand the universe just a bit.

The last four story series I wrote required a few extra hands. Allow me to introduce, or reintroduce, them to you:

From left to right:
The lady in the blue dress is Nao. She's taking a break from being the snoopy saleslady from Tomoko Gets Lucky. Earlier, she was the snoopy saleslady from Tomoko's original ending. Tell me, how would your life change if you walked in and saw Tomoko Saeki stark naked, in the throes of passion?

Dressed in her black finery is Yuki. She's the one who keeps Snakeman on a short leash. She was added, then removed, from Sana's story Art of the Sale (but not from the bonus story), and now plays a featured role in Karin's Photo Opportunity. She's not in DNA2 or SIMGirls, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of her!

This is Akage. Don't tell me you don't know her, guys- you've been paying her $30 (now $100) for a bit of her action for years. Yes, she's the Charm girl, now slipping into a nice orange colored suit that matches her hair. She's been in many of my stories, most recently in Karin's.

And last but absolutely not least, Mako Iwasaki. She and Kotomi do not get along- their rivalry stretches back to the original DNA2 manga. She's been featured in both of Kotomi's series, and makes a quick cameo in Karin's. I think some of her traits may have been given to Tomoko in the game; but she and her mindgaming brother are so deliciously evil in the manga that I'd love to see them or an equivalent pop up somewhere.

Should the SIMGirls series continue to evolve, I would love to see one or more of these ladies play a larger role. But for now, I'll just let them take a quick bow.

Back to work, ladies. We have a new story to tell!