Good In TENT ions
Primero and Tassy huddled together in the tent, somewhere deep in the strange forest.
She was relieved that she didn't have to fight him off;  just because they were in the tent together, didn't mean they were together, right? And she was so sleepy.

Tassy thought she was almost asleep, when she felt Primero rustling around.
"What's wrong?"
"I can't sleep. Too hot in here."
"Then take it off and go to sleep!"
He stripped his shirt off. He seemed to settle for a moment, so she turned over, away from him. She didn't normally wear a bra to bed, so she quietly unhooked it.
A few minutes later, she heard more rustling.
"Now what?"
"I can't sleep. I'm still all sweaty, and I'm just wearing shorts."
"I'm turned away. Just slip them off."
She tried not to think about Primero sitting there naked. But as a few minutes passed, she heard rustling again.
"I can't sleep."
"Y-you're never going to believe this, but now I'm cold."
She stripped her panties off and straddled him. She reached down, grabbed his dick, and guided him in.
"Hot enough for you?"
She ground on top of him, driving him deeper and deeper inside. Her breasts freed themselves of the loose bra, and danced along with her rhythm.
"I will, I will,..."
She grabbed his shoulders, thrusting all the while. She could feel his hot breath on her breasts.
"I WILL! I WILL! I! Aye! Ayaaaaaaaiii!!!!"
Primero seemed to rise and collapse all at once. Tassy rolled off beside him, and made a spot for herself next to him.
She was greeted with the not-so-gentle sound of a snore.
She closed her eyes. She heard noises, both inside and outside the tent. She felt itchy. Hot. Horny. And a bit pissed.
Anything but...sleepy.