A DarkGrey Idea: The Play's the Thing (se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com)
"I don't get it. Why are these clips so much?"
"People are waiting until this girl gets big, and BANG! Theyre sitting on a gold mine. But I want bigger than that. Because I'm the Big Don. And you know what's big, Rudy?"
"It's Ryuuji."
"Odd name. You should consider changing it. So what's the next big thing, Rudy, my friend, is art. Independent film, new stories, new faces, and enough edgy stuff to keep people interested."
"And you know people who make these movies?"
"Use your brain here, Rudy. Every school has a group that bands together to make some sort of fanfic book or costume play. You find that group, give them a script and costumes, and film them."
"And thats it?"
"Not exactly.. One of these girls you find needs to look enough like Tomoko that the scenes will match each other. Plus, it would help if you got some shots of the others...without the costumes. That would really grab them."
"I know nothing about how to put this together though.
"I know somebody who does.Meet me at this address tomorrow."