A SG Halloween Story: Tomoko Gets Lucky (reprise)
Tomoko was mad at herself. She had skipped school today because she had slept in. Her school did not let absent students compete. And her coach would probably not see a marathon sex session as a valid excuse. She regretted not going to the gymnastics meet, especially since Kotomi probably swept all the events in her absence. Oh, well...
The place was quiet, like it always was when her father was away. She put the dishes away and walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She stripped naked and turned on the shower. She was about to enter it when she heard the door knock. She threw on a towel, and grabbed a baseball bat, and came back downstairs.
"Who is it?"
She looked through the peephole. A figure, clad in a black Batman suit, including a black mask, looked back.
She laughed. That's what I get for telling a man I like cosplay, she thought. And he was Superman last night. Boy, was he ever!
She let the masked man in.
"I should be mad at you."
The figure in the Batman suit ignored her. He seemed to be looking past her, as he walked to the staircase.
She watched as he darted up the stairs. He snaked a cable between four posts of the staircase landing, leaving slack on either side, then came back down the stairs.
"What are you doing?"
He removed a large belt from his waist and fixed it to both ropes. He tested the center with his hand. When she came closer, he placed his hands under her shoulders and placed her in the sling. The ropes gave a little, but the posts held.
She got the idea. She undid her towel, letting it drape on either side, so that she sat, naked, facing him. He knelt down and put her legs on both his shoulders. She held the ropes as he stood back up. He held her lower back in his hands, as his tongue made its way through her folds. She gasped and panted at the ceiling fan, grasping the ropes for dear life, as waves of passion caused her to grind herself into the caped crusader's face. After she tensed, and screamed to signify her orgasm, he lowered her back to the wall. He unlaced his pants, and grabbed her ass, sliding easily and deeply into her. She lay back, letting him swing her back and forth, driving them both to new heights.

The masked man stopped, just before she was set to scream once more.
"Stand up and face the wall."
He sounded more raspy than last night, she thought. She stood up like he asked. He brought the swing behind her and motioned her to sit.
"Feet up, and on the wall."
Tomoko complied.
Then, she felt something warm on her asshole.
"What's that?"
"I call it Bat-lube."
"Wait, I...oh! Oh. Oh, my!"
She felt a new presence, a slow invasion of her behind. She heard her lover gasp as he explored this new territory. She reached down to her clit and brought herself to a frenzy as he drove back and forth until he finished.
She slid off the swing and turned towards him. He had removed his mask, and was trying to wipe his brow with his costume sleeve. She went to offer him the towel. It was then she saw that the man behind the mask was a person she had never seen before.
"Wait a minute!" She snatched the towel back and scrambled to put it back on.
Her anonymous lover smiled wide.