Superhero Feminism
Well, it's Superman! How can I complain?
  • Robin Totally off-topic, but Superman is actually my least favourite superhero :p
    • Rasheed Why? Because he is handsome!
      • Robin Well most of my reasons are actually based on the older versions of superman (bcuz Man of Steel is quite different), but I always thought he was too 2-dimensional. He didn't have any character flaws. He's pretty much all powerful but he only does good all the time.
        Clark Kent and Superman also look pretty much exactly the same and nobody can see the difference which is just stupid imo :p
        The only real danger for him is kryptonite or another guy from krypton which gets pretty boring after a while. Most of the times there's no real danger for him actually. It's just about him being able to save a lot of people or being too late to save them...

        I also think he kind of has too many powers for one hero.
        • Keiryu Well while i agree with ya. The idea behind Superpantiesman has always been the whole "God amongst Mortals" idea. Him being all powerfull and living in a world made out of paper. Yet ya don't care about it the moment ya realize he can win everything and save everyone with a scratch of the arse while still being back before breakfast.

          He does become quite boring after a while.

          Then again so do most Superheroes. Just look at Bats for example. He is a "normal" rich guy who decided to become a crime fighter cause his rich parents died and left him their fortune. Yet somehow he is able to outclass all the other near godlike beings including Superman one vs one...It's idiotic and boring.

          DC especially is flawed with their Superheroes and Villains. Marvel had a more Human approach to it which i liked. Ya see the actual Struggle of every Hero and Villain and get more interessted in them. They are not just two bit ponies like Sups or Bats who go "Villain appears, try not to hard and lose, rematch try a little bit harder and win...The End...Or not cause Villain is still alive..."

          Marvels Spiderman and even Hulk are much more interessting in that regard. Ya see how they do good yet often end up paying the price for it. Unlike DC Heroes.

          Especially in the "They Dead" department. Marvel Heroes tend to stay dead when they f**k up. They don't get redconed back into life cause...Reasons...

          So yeah. I can understand why someone would dislike Sups. It's not cause he is all powerfull. There are many all powerfull characters i find interresting. It's just cause he is boring to watch...
          • Rasheed I was always a big fan of DC Comics but I am starting to get tired of their repetitive nature. One being is that Batman is seriously overrated to the point where he has 9 comic series, 3-4 games, over 10 movies and DC writers favoritism over him. He's a "normal" human yet survives a fall from a seven-story building with Bane on top of him, masters every martial arts there is, has technology that goes beyond anything normal & able to keep up with Superman which is seriously some massive bullshit that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If they didn't have Batman, they would probably be fucked.

            2. Their live action movies are lacking any emotional depth. The characters are as bland as white bread.

            3. Their comics are always dark as shit!

            The only thing that's keeping me from NOT reading and collecting their jewelry is Superman and their animated films but after watching Killing Joke, I am starting to have my doubts.
        • Robin And lastly, I'm jealous bcuz he's so handsome ;p