Sounds reasonable!
  • IKAros [65583,Keiryu] do you know some one named lodadsaq or do you go by it? You two people are way too similar.
    • Keiryu Considering i am an admin here and a longtime member. I would not doubt the possibility of someone imitating me. However. Considering that we have over 35000 members. The odds of someone similar appearing is not impossible either. However. To answer ya question. Nope. I have no clue who that is. Maybe one of my secret admirers? Which would make me kinda happy. I always wanted a stalker.
  • Keiryu F**king a trap in general is not gay. At best it's bisexual. Unless ya fancy traps in general which would make it trapsexual. I guess....
    • IKAros traps are males dresses as female who wanna fuck some male...
      futa and traps are different.

      Didn't knew you wanted to bang some dudes
      • Keiryu Come again? o.O

        First: I never said Futa's and traps are the same. I simply said that it would not be actually considered "Gay". So that one makes no sense.

        2nd: Traps are are not just dudes dressed as chicks. Those would be drag queens. Traps are just Males and/or females who look a lot like the opposite gender. Mostly an anime thing where the characters who do the "trapping" are usually heterosexual too. So again. Still not anything "Gay" about it.

        TURD: Ya implying i am attracted to guys is just kinda dumb to be honest... I am a mentally unhealthy psychopath. who is sexually aroused by long hair. Do ya actually think i give a flying f**k about ya gender? o.O