Question of the Day: Who do you think is the best in bed?
Well, Dea is going to hate me for not choosing her! Sorry girlfriend! Lol! But if I had to narrow it down, I feel like Tomoru, Serena & Klaire are the only ones who seem to be freaks in the night! 😃

Seeing how Tomoru likes to be pushed around rough, I would say she has that BDSM vide possibly. But Klaire & Serena both look like they know how to please a man!

In the end, I would bang em' all!
  • Red Haired Devil A bit late to answer, although I figured it wouldn't hurt to share my opinion now. But it seems Dea would be the most likely to surpass any usual expectations you might have from a lover. Not only is Dea the eldest, she is also the smartest and most experienced of the Lovemore girls, her Genetic make-up was put together for the sole purpose of being superior to the rest. Dea’s creativity would add an even greater bonus, and with her SMA specialty being neutral skills, she would have a natural enhancing effect that would boost each lover’s performance, and increase stamina, allowing for more intensified stimulation over prolonged periods of exceptionally passionate lovemaking. I'm sure her abilities would also increase the rate in which you can start up again, granting quicker rejuvenation for more frequent lovemaking. Overall Dea seems like the most logical choice for ultimate love maker.
  • OSB Someone told me Ceil has no experience... shhhh
  • SimMan I would pick Tomoru for Friday night, Sirena for Saturday night, Dea on Sunday morning, Klaire on Monday whenever the day is long and excitement is needed, and Ceil after a Tuesday movie night.
    • kotomifan I'd take Klaire on the drive home, Dea while she's cooking dinner, and Tomoru while she's cleaning the dishes. Then I go into town, pull Sirena out of whatever club she's in, and take her into the backstreets for a nightcap. Ceil can crawl into the sheets and wake me up - if she's good enough, I might skip my morning coffee. I just won't tell her about the hot barista near work.
  • kotomifan And why IN bed? How about bent over the bed, or grasping the bedpost? Or maybe you meant the flatbed of a truck, while she's riding you reverse-cowgirl while the stars and moon light her silhouette.
  • Robin The real question is why limit yoursef to a bed :p
  • SimMan It really depends on which day of the week.