Happy Thanksgiving Again!
Last one.
  • Robin Does this mean you get double presents too?
    (Do you get presents on Thanksgiving? Idk :p)
    • Rasheed No, generally we just eat and pray about what we are thankful for. But presents are nice! We get plenty of those during Christmas!
      • Robin Good to know.
        I've only seen Thanksgiving on TV so far so all I know about it is saying what you're thankful for and eating turkey.
        We get presents with pretty much every major family-oriented holiday so I just thought Thanksgiving would have it too.
        • Rasheed Even Halloween? Besides the candy.
          • Robin I wouldn't call Halloween a family-oriented holiday :p
            In Belgium I'd say it's Christmas, Easter and "Sinterklaas" (which doesn't really translate to English).
            From what I've seen, I'd say Thanksgiving is pretty family-oriented too.
  • SimMan Hey Sao!
    • Rasheed Greetings Master SimMan! Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? Have Thanksgiving dinner with the family possibly? What are you thankful for, sir?