Merry Christmas!
Here is Sao Black, coming to you from this freezing cold weather in Shambala!! Serena couldn't be with us today because she was too worried about snow getting into her face. As you can see, snow is ridiculous over here, I should've brought my damn jacket!!
  • Keiryu I see you taking a page out of my Christmas book...Now where did I put that knife?
    • Rasheed You don't want to mess me, Insanity!! I have a bodyguard named Rasheed who is twice as big as you!! No one messes with Sao!
      • Keiryu You have a bodyguard I have a bodybag. It's a match made in heaven. Shall we have those two get to know each other better?

        I am the goddamn Master of INSANITY!!! The only way your bodyguard would scare me would be if he was me...and even then I most likely just stab myself. Sooo...yeah...There are not enough bodyguards in this world that can stop me.
  • Robin Is it Santa or Rudolph? I can't tell :)