Thug Life
Bitches who mess with Sao, get the elbow and go down!

Everybody < Sao
  • Keiryu Haha haha haha haha haha haha haha.

    Let me answer ya elbow with my rusty and trusty knify.

    When will people realize that my Mini-me is the weakest fighter but the strongest killer in the Simgirls universe. One touch and ya all are one ya knees shitting all over the floor.

    Plus. Ya can't win against INSANITY. Ya beat me and I just get back up. Ya kill me and another identical INSANE assholes takes my place. Remember the old formula I used many times.

    Keiryu = INSANITY = ALL < Keiryu

    Yay GO me.
    • Rasheed No fists? No problem! *pulls out a pistol*
      • Keiryu Pistol....Do ya really want to have a weapon measuring contest with me. I just grab my big red button that says "F**k The WORLD!!!" On it if it is gonna be like that.

        Also really? A Pistol...Not even a machinegun or a rocket launcher...Ya want to take me down with a pistol...Now i just feel sad and undervalued. q.q
        • Rasheed I am not bringing a launcher in a sewer, jackass! I need something to pull out quickly once I see a black figure!
          • Keiryu Nonesense. Be a MAN!!! Blow shit up who cares if everything is destroyed. If ya plan to kill me i DEMAND!!! nothing less then a Rocker Launcher or in the very least a Granade Launcher or two.

            Any schmuck can kill someone with a pistol. But killing someone in a tight space with explosions. Now that's true art. even puts a tear or two in my eyes. q.q