The mind is a great tool
I just wish I had more to work with. 
  • Keiryu Personally i would have changed it upside down with Sao being at the bottom.
  • SimMan So who's the ultimate smartie, Dea or Lenus?
    • Rasheed I'd figured it was Lenus since he was the only one who was able to put Humpty back to together again and seem to have wisdom with his intelligence also. Plus, he pretty much lived by book knowledge and was even raised by someone who was knowledgeable.

      Though Dea is pretty intelligent too and solved a lot of problems with during their adventure. I am still going with Lenus on this one.
      • Mike I'm not so sure about Lenus being the smartest, sure it does somewhat appear that way, but we gotta remember that Dea got made in a lab, so she could potentially be a lot smarter then she lets out.

        Sure Lenus did repair/build Humpty, but In a world with the technology to genetic alter people in a way that seems flawless, is building robots and machines really considered being smart?
        Not to mention that his mother also build/invented machinery, and with an absent father, ofc he would take of from his mother.

        This is not to say that you don't have to be smart to do what he does, but to say his intellect is bigger then Dea might be a bit premature.
        He might and might not be smarter then her, only time will tell.

        What we can say with absolute certainty he will always be a better engineer then her, even if she did apply herself in that field, because she would lack the passion for it, which he has.
        • Rasheed Yeah, you're right. Engineering doesn't always mean you need to be a genius to do that. Nowadays you don't have be a genius to do a lot of things. You can be rich and still be an uncontrolled idiot. Having book knowledge doesn't always mean you are "intelligent". I guess we don't enough information to prove if Lenus is higher in brain power yet. Still, Lenus is a pretty bright guy.
      • Keiryu Is it not more like Lenus has the book smarts while Dea has the practical smarts? I dunno seems like the better fit.